Let Your Emotions Flow
Emotions come and go, but I welcome them all.

Question Analysis for March 12

Almost all of the questions in yesterday’s survey raised my interest, so without further ado, here’s how I voted and why:

All people are honest:

My choice of an answer was “It’s absurd” because all the listed options were negative, but not necessarily reflect the truth of the matter. I don’t like questions that are not really asking anything but just seeking reassurance. So my “it’s absurd” relates to the type of question (statement) rather than its meaning.


You often have dreams:

Well, the true situation with my dreams is that they are various in kind and I forget a lot of them, but I’ve also had such that I’ll remember forever, even though I had them many years ago. They were all really vivid and evoked certain strong and deep feelings in me. It happens that I tell about them whenever a situation calls for, so several people are acquainted with some of my dreams, but I also do not tell everyone and always.

So, in the end, I decided to vote for “which you forget the next morning” because I know it’s true for most of the people and for most of the dreams anyway.


Your attitude to your future:

I don’t think much about my future, but I am “not indifferent” (that’s what I voted). Since nobody really knows what can happen even in the next second, plans cannot be very detailed.

On the other hand, what I do now, at this moment, will affect my future, so I always try to do my best. I do my share (because I’m not indifferent) and the rest is not my care.


Which of these more often cross your mind?

All kind of stuff, but I prefer to focus mainly on the “good thoughts”.


Children surpass their parents:

Well, not always. There are enough examples among the famous and also among my own friends and acquaintances’ families.

Another thing is that this statement is too general. Surpass in what? There should be certain criteria that can be measured and compared, but this is quite difficult for a relative matter like success for example.


A woman should have:

Tenderness is the most feminine attribute, not weakness. It is what makes the difference between independent and (co-)dependent people.


What do you think is the reason that women take high places in tournaments more often than men?

For me, it is certainly not that “Women have more developed emotional intelligence” – I’m not sure this is a real fact. However, “women develop their skills more actively and adapt more quickly” is what I can vouch for. It’s historically proven – once women get the chance to be treated equal, they excel so fast. Women are more courageous in trying new things (think about numerous diets!), whereas men are reluctant to make changes and generally take more time to be convinced to even try something new.


Fighting with oneself is:

“An ordinary fight”, in my opinion.  Everyone experiences it on a daily basis, no matter if they are aware of the fact or not.


A man should have:

“Reliability” was my choice here. Not that I don’t agree with all the other listed options – power, intelligence, courage – but none of them is really valuable if he is not reliable.


You talk about what you are not very good at:

Yes, sometimes and it’s a good thing. Thus, I let the concerned people know what their role would be if it happens that we cooperate on something. If they are good in the areas I’m not, we will complement one another and will have a successful and fruitful work together as a team.


You do not keep your promises:

Only “due to circumstances”. Otherwise, I deliver on my promises because I only give such that I can stick to seeing them through to the successful end.


Your sudden laugh or cry:

“I can easily handle it” – no problem with sudden outbursts of emotions – they come and go, but I welcome them all. That’s why they do not stay for very long J. Resistance wouldn’t really cut it in this case, so I just let them flow.

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Dec 31, 1969
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