Tamar Midelashvili: exam is passed

Tamar Midelashvili: exam is passed


Added 14.03.2019

It's a new day, and new changes in EMOTION ACADEMY come with it.

EMOTION ACADEMY welcomed the first certified employee among the users.

We examined our assistant from Georgia. As a reminder, this is our assistant who is responsible for “Emotional intelligence segment”.

Tamar, what is she like? Oriental beauty and businesswoman in one person. For me, at first it was difficult to perceive such a feminine-fragile-looking Tamar as a specialist in computer science. Even more difficult as the head of the company. But intelligent eyes caught the first time on Skype, suddenly informed me about the firmness in a good way, and the determination to go until the end.

The heroine of our today's story is the wife and mother of two children. Tamar manages to find time for her hobby, swimming. She feels good both at home and at work. With a keen sense of responsibility and sincerity. She amazes with her diligence. Passionate feelings and a mother's love are prior for Tamar. She assures that without hesitation she will sacrifice business for the sake of the loved one.

"If there is no money, a headache is coming on," Tamar answers the question of the importance of money with a tricky glance, gleaming with her beautiful eyes. She wouldn't mind dinner with Buffett. And dreams of becoming a millionaire…

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