Food from Kenyans point of view

Food from Kenyans point of view

Author: Benson Bosire


Added 14.03.2019

A Kenyan Perspective on a Question about Food

We recently did a set of questions about food on DB. I noted that most of us Kenyans did not do very well in that exercise as the coefficient points reflected. I realized that actually, our understanding of food is quite different from the rest of the world.

One question asked us to choose what parents would add to their children’s diet before spring. The choices were: fruits, especially citrus ones, vegetable salads, dried fruit, others and I don’t know. If we were to answer as Kenyans, our choice would have been the last one: I don’t know. The reason is that first of all we don’t experience the four seasons that most Europeans are used to since we are a tropical nation. So asking us to choose food according to seasons is a hard task. Then most of us eat what is available and in the season because of poverty.