As it was predicted, "paying off" for their deeds, guilt raises this very responsibility.

How do you perceive dark brown? What associations do you have? Anyway, psychologists have dressed up the guilt in a robe of precisely that color. And they unanimously recognized it as negatively tinged. it is aware of its own involvement in harming. However, it regrets about this. And imagine,

it seeks compensation for the damage.

What is its appearance? Our heroine has relaxed facial muscles, eyelids are half-lowered, corners of her lips are slightly lowered. Her gaze is turned down, eyebrows – somewhat reduced. She is plain, but can suddenly be better. When she is prettier, then you should know that it works as to

compensate the situation. What do you think: is it beating like arterial blood from a damaged vessel, or sluggishly flowing like venous blood? Is social responsibility important? Someone negatively shakes his head to admit guilt so that it works for efficiency. As it was predicted, "paying off" for

their deeds, guilt raises this very responsibility.

Furthermore, obviously being out of shape, trust is waiting in the wings. What did you expect - it is betrayed? Let’s take up its recovery? Perhaps the paradox is that fault stimulates thinking. They, in turn, will earn only with faithful assistants in the case of guilt. It is necessary to read more. In

our case, in particular, a very thin brochure is awareness of the felony. Do not rush to rejoice: you still have to overcome the thick volume - a compound of opportunities for correction. Well, you will stand out not only by reading, but also by its method. In the age of electronics it is worth

escaping the emotion of guilt surprising the others.

Take the transformation of guilt? Or is it hard for you? There is motivation; sitting, smiling and craving its application.  Yes, about the most important thing. Should I "dig" into an already made mistake? Although it is sometimes not very pleasant, you will have to. Or do you not care if you do it

again? Do you often make concessions? You think what is better? What if something outweighs the damage? Then guilt will surely enhance self-conceit.

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Dec 31, 1969
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