Debates not only with a human

Debates not only with a human


Added 13.03.2019

Some of our users, barely waking up, connect to the Internet, and... look forward to visiting the "debate" page of the website. Who won this time?

A human against a human, interesting! Although we are all different in terms of intelligence (both traditional and emotional), but we are made of flesh and blood.

Have you ever had a desire to enter into a debate with artificial intelligence (AI)? A crazy thought flashed through my mind: should we hurry up with its creation to give our users such a curious chance? Today, the statistics of human losses in the competition with the algorithm is not encouraging for our species.

Did you know that a month ago the situation changed thanks to Harish Natarajan? There was a "battle" with Project Debater. At the same time, the theme of the battle was not voiced in advance.

Just a 15-minute preparation ... the AI entered into communication on a jokingly condescending note ... A human’s victory was unconditional.

AI has not yet mastered the word the way a human did! It is not given to him to articulate his phrases clearly and concisely! He is not a master to present his opinion using the palette of emotions harmoniously! He doesn't have the skills to work with a database, either.

AI is getting more and more emotional.

And it's not a shame if some inanimate algorithm acquires the ability to feel deeper than us and possess the skills of happiness?

The door of EMOTION ACADEMY is open for everyone. One only has to make the first step!

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