We welcome new employees!

We welcome new employees!


Added 13.03.2019

The comparative analysis of testing has been carried out.

takes the position of MY WILL Director, a segment of her activity is "posts in MY WILL".

manages "Emotional intelligence" segment.

is responsible for "MY WILL Training process".

is responsible for "Tournaments, question and answer packages" segment.

Assistants of the EMOTION ACADEMY Director start work today, 13.03.2019.

They work and train in a 7/6 mode.

Today, each of them during the day will carefully study the material for his segments on the website and choose the best tactics in the work.

Tomorrow 14.03.2019 assistants will proceed directly to the implementation of the functional duties, stipulated for the given period.

They will have free access to MY WILL posts, where they will be able to get acquainted with the lessons and tasks for the course of study (increase of EI level).

Together with all users of the site, we wish the assistants success in their studies and work!

Director of the EMOTION ACADEMY.

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