Marvel of Creation
How many of us try to understand animals?

Interesting facts about animals

Animals are one of the most intelligent lifeforms on earth. They have evolved and survived and will continue to live if we do not threaten their existence. How many of us try to understand animals? Or how many interesting facts can you find about them?

Warmer climate can alter the predisposition of the gender of a turtle. If it is warm, then more females will be born. This makes sense as a warmer climate is conducive for mating. This would indicate that more turtles will be born in the years after concertizing the future for millions of turtles. These females play a crucial role in the survival of their species. Oh, how I marvel at the wonders of the world!

Horses communicate not only through neighing but ultimately through facial expression and equestrian gestures. Because of that, many horses can be said to make great companions. Their gentle nature and nurturing capabilities, especially towards the young, are loyal qualities. They also possess an air of exuberance and beauty.

One of the things that amazed me is this third fact: owls don't have eyeballs but eye tubes which can enable them to rotate their eyes freely and see better during the night. One would think that these tubes contain vessels and capillaries which contribute to their stellar vision. Man, I wear glasses and I wish I had eye tubes. I am so jealous. I can picture it now, walking in the sunlight with my eyes and eye tubes under the guise of sunglasses, but at night my eyes come alive.

We can only marvel at Creation, I only hope I'll have the time to capture it all.

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Dec 31, 1969
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