Love rules the world? Absolutely!
Every living creature on this planet deserves to be loved and have a home!
Edel Sky
Author Edel Sky Mar 7, 2019 Society and media

You caught a goldfish. You are granted three wishes. What will you wish for?

The most important thing for me is my family. Therefore, the first wish to have my family live as much as they wish, and live a full, happy life without any diseases.

The second wish is for everyone to find a family. Every abandoned child, every stray dog, cat... Every living creature on this planet deserves to be loved and have a home! And the third one, may everyone get such a fish.


Would you like to be friends with your doppelganger? Why?

To tell you the truth, I thought about that. This thought pleases and at the same frightens me. It's hard to imagine someone like you. But most importantly, he will look like me, but what about the inner qualities? This is to be found out, so I cannot give an exact answer.


Do you consider yourself an example to follow? Why?

Yes, I do. Not that I do, but others do. Personally, I believe that I have to grow continuously to be my own role model.


What do you lack the courage for?

For the things that can harm my health and the health of others, as well as super shameful things (Everyone has his own) ☺


They say that you should try everything in life. Is there anything you would never try?

There are things that I absolutely will not try. These are sexual relations with a woman, drugs, bullying, crimes.... Everything illegal and destructive.


What would you spend the last day of your life on?

On impressions.


How do you see your old age?

I know that I will definitely meet my old age. It's important for me to be sane. It does not matter whether I will be able to move or not, the main thing that I was able to realize everything, to know my loved ones and remember everything that happened to me throughout my bright, busy life. I am sure that in my old age I will be a successful, strong, happy mother, grandmother and maybe even great-grandmother.


Do you have enemies? Why?

No, not that I can remember.


Can you let yourself cry in public?

I try not to do that. When this happens, then there must be a good reason. Each person is different in the emotional component, my life is full of emotions, and sometimes I cannot hold them.


Have you ever met a perfect person?
There are no perfect people.


How do you take criticism?

Not very good. Psychologically I am stable enough, but I do not accept any criticism inside. I have my own head on my shoulders, and I myself am able to give an analysis of any action, so I do not like to listen to criticism in my address. But at the same time, sometimes I accept comments from important people in my life, especially when they present it correctly.


If you had a chance to change your gender for one day, will you use this opportunity?
Definitely yes! Only on the condition that my brain would work as the brain of an ordinary man, and all the processes, thoughts, character would also be changed for 1 day. This is an interesting experience for both men and women. We may even will be able slightly better to understand each other.


If you had a chance to gain superpowers, which one would you choose?

To see the future.


Please, share one of the best moments of your life.

I don't remember by the memory, but from the video. Tomorrow I will turn one, and I ridiculously walk around the room. Mother, grandmother in the background discussing, apparently, a very important thing for me – vaccinations. I do not care about that at this moment, dad's filming me on camera, talking to me, grandfather was there as well, who also, like me, doesn't care about the discusses of the female half of the family. I fall, get up, laugh, and there is a feeling of joy and happiness around me. Warm, cozy, family atmosphere, you just have to say something in the language of 1-year-old baby, and everyone loves you. Just for being you. For no reason. Just the way you are. Without residue…


What question would you like to answer, but they never asked you?

I am surrounded by very curious people, it is more appropriate to ask what question I do not really want to answer, but they always ask it ☺

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