A Lucky Touch. Filipa Brzohalski
I'm not perfect, but I am perfect for my loved one and he is for me.
  1. You caught a goldfish. You are granted three wishes. What will you wish for?

My three wishes. First I would wish for my health back. I've been unwell for a few years now and I got used to it, but daily chores get more difficult when you are in daily pain.

Second wish, it would be to move to the forest, a little house by the lake.

And for the third wish, I would wish for that house to be full of children’s laughter.

All selfish wishes, I am the only one gaining from them, but that is what my heart desires.


  1. Would you like to be friends with your doppelganger? Why?

I would like to be friends with my doppelganger only if that person meets my interests. I don't want to be friends with someone who defies with my beliefs.


  1. Do you consider yourself an example to follow? Why?

I actually do consider myself an example to follow. And I see my nephews accepting my ways, talking the way I talk, copying me in every way. I am strong and independent, I have real views toward life and I am always cool, even if the roof is on fire.


  1. What do you lack the courage for?

Courage? I would say I have too much of that. Sometimes I am afraid to tell people exactly what I feel but eventually I do. In other matters, I am very much courageous.


  1. They say that you should try everything in life. Is there anything you would never try?

I agree, you should try everything in life, all the things that make you happy. I, personally, would never try hurting any other living being, I would never try living in a big city, and lots of other things, because I know it wouldn't make me happy.


  1. What would you spend the last day of your life on?

I would spend the last day of my life outside in the sun with my dogs and my husband. Again, it's what makes me happy.


  1. How do you see your old age?

My old age? I don't think I would live to see it but if I do, I would probably be a little crazy old but the nice lady who likes to prank neighbor kids, baking cookies and having about 50 dogs and cats.


  1. Do you have enemies? Why?

I don't have enemies, but I do have people who dislike me. Most of the time, I am very likeable person, but some get threaten by my free will so they don't like me.


  1. Can you let yourself cry in public?

I don't cry in public. I try to control my emotions as much as I can, but sometimes it’s impossible. I shed a tear when that happens, but I walk away, hide or cover my face with big sunglasses.


  1. Have you ever met a perfect person?

Perfect is a relative term. Nobody is perfect. And everyone is. You see, I'm not perfect, but I am perfect for my loved one and he is for me. With all his flaws and mischiefs, he is a perfect guy for me. So I would say I've met him. But he is perfect only for me.


  1. How do you take criticism?

Criticism, I usually take it hard, because most critics I've gotten were by people who were no better, even worse than me. But when it comes from someone I respect, it is easy to accept it because I know they want me to be better. So I accept it easily.


  1. If you had a chance to change your gender for one day, will you use this opportunity?

I would definitely change my gender for one day. I was always curious about how boys feel in their skin. How their mind works, is it any different than woman's mind?


  1. If you had a chance to gain superpowers, which one would you choose?

There are so many superpowers I wished to have, but at this moment, I would like a lucky touch. That everything I touch, turns lucky, happy, healthy. I would use it wisely.


  1. Please, share one of the best moments of your life.

I have a few best moments of my life, but I have one where I cried of laughter.

So my dog, Lucky, loves to run into people who play chase with him, and this one time, my husband and I were walking him and guys decide it is play time. My husband runs toward this one rock and Lucky chases him and at the point of the turn, Lucky slides into his legs, making him disappear behind this big rock and I couldn't help myself to laugh even though I knew it hurts. But when he came back up, and I saw his grey sweatpants all green from the grass he fell on, I laughed even harder saying "sorry" as I do. It was hilarious.


  1. What question would you like to answer, but they never asked you?

There is nothing I desire to be asked. It is like this, if I want to talk about something, I will because I have my friends and family and there are no secrets among us.

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