The Inner Path of Success
Success, first of all, means satisfaction on a deep personal level.

Synchronicity: the inner path of success

We talk a lot about success here on DB Advisors site, and I am sure that we all try to be successful in our daily and professional life. But how do you understand that you are on the right way to success? Do you trust your intuition, your reason or some higher power?

We are imposed to think that hard work and willingness to succeed are the two most important factors for being successful. But what happens if one day you realize that those long years of hard work and constant effort have let you to something that doesn’t bring you the imagined satisfaction? Have you missed something down the way, have you closed your eyes in front of other opportunities?

Personally, I have found that, although my stubbornness and willpower could make me achieve almost anything I want, that easily could lead me to the wrong path and oppose my success. Success, first of all, means satisfaction on a deep personal level. You can be successful for the society, you can be successful for your parents or spouse, but if this success is not connected to your true nature and doesn’t bring real satisfaction for you, as living your true mission in life and doing what you can do best, excuse me but this is not success, this is just waste of time. So what happened… maybe you have just struggled too much?

Going busily through life, we miss so many opportunities. We don’t return the missed call or refuse to talk with the stranger we’ve been meeting couple of times. We cannot go to those event, although a friend invited us so many times. In other words, we close our eyes for the synchronicity. The term was created by Carl Jung and describes a significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are not casually connected.

During his practice, Carl Jung observed the relation of our inner world with the outer reality, where strange events seemed to connect with his patients’ inner world properties. So for the successful one, they got their way to success seemingly by chance, where the right person appeared by the right time. For the patients filled with fears and phobias, those materialized in the real world.

So what I am here to say is that, imagining and living through your success, as it has already happened, is the first step in achieving it. The second one is to be open to synchronic events that may appear to you in so many unexpected ways. It could be a stranger, a call, a catchy billboard or someone giving you a clue what’s the next step you have to make.

So don’t struggle too much, because the closed doors may not necessarily open for you, no matter how hard you try. The successful steps seem to be rather easy, as more lively you imagine your dream. And the help will come by itself, if only you choose the path with minimum resistance. As for the satisfaction, ask the little thing in your heart. Do you feel warmth, do you feel excitement?

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Dec 31, 1969
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