Money, money, money
If we have a happy and fulfilled life, we have everything.

Let us see if I am going to be surprised by the results…

  1. Letting others know the real reasons of what you do is good for you:

It is absolutely not true that everyone needs to know the real reasons of something we are doing. Only those people who are close to us can now, and this is not always a must. Therefore, the most appropriate answer here would be “disagree, but there are exceptions”, though 50:50 could be a popular answer as well.

  1. Money is…

This is a tough question! Money can be all of these. The simplest answer would be “means of living”, but there are still some people who prove that living is possible without spending a single penny (though you need to be very skillful). A means to realize your dreams – yes, definitely. But there are also the negative sides of money. It is a fact that the main reason for some of the biggest clashes in history was money and wealth. So, status or enemy of humanity could also be the “right” choice. But let’s choose “possibility to do whatever you want” as this option includes all others, both positive and negative.

  1. Most of all, you like receiving…

Pleasure from life would be my choice. If we have a happy and fulfilled life, we have everything. Attention could win quite a lot of votes on this one, but I still think the first option will be the winning one.

  1. Most costly things usually are…

Food, rent and bills are probably the first things we spend our earnings on and the things on which we spend most of our money. Savings for a dream could also be a costly thing, though this is relative. But let’s choose the thing on which we spend some money daily – food and rent.

  1. You wouldn’t mind spending money for…

I would say pleasure here, even without thinking, as pleasure can include many things – like friends and close people, for example. Also, pleasure doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It can be found in small and simple things as well, like a chocolate or a cup of coffee! However, I think friends and close people will get most votes.

  1. When you are a rich person, first of all you will…

I wouldn’t do any of these, but since I have to choose one option, start relaxing in a crazy mode would be the only “acceptable” thing from this list. Personally, my choice would be spending my money with my close people – and I wouldn’t mind doing it at all!

  1. What do you most fear to lose?

Family. No need to think and rethink on this one. Family is the most precious thing we have. Anything else is irrelevant if we don’t have our family with us.

  1. Could you do something reckless for the sake of a person you like?

Yes, definitely! Been there, done that, and many times!

  1. Surprised person is revealed by:

I think raised brows are the only thing we can’t really fake when we are surprised by something.

  1. It is … to stun people with the same thing from different countries:

Yes, it is possible. Sometimes with the different emotional response, sometimes with the same, but in short, my answer here would be simply possible.

  1. The least surprised ones are…

The indifferent. Because they are indifferent to anything, even to the pleasure of surprise.

  1. Surprise usually correlates with…

Thinking between excitement and confusion, as they are both very possible, but will choose excitement as the feeling which is seen more often.

  1. Another term for ‘surprise’:

I would go with shock here. This is the most similar to surprise for me, both in positive and in negative context.

  1. Investment:

Electronic Arts sounds like an interesting and smart option.

  1. Invest in:

I will choose Twitter as the only option which is not directly related to energy or IT sector.

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Dec 31, 1969
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