It's time to talk about banks. Tania Ivanova

It's time to talk about banks. Tania Ivanova

Questions Analysis for February 2

So, it’s obviously time to talk about banks, business startups, and online/ mobile payments since those were the prevailing questions in last Friday’s survey.


Although I personally think banks are something to be avoided as much as possible because of their central role in the money power play and keeping people in its trap, I have to admit that they are well organized and operate as a well-oiled machine. So, “operation” is what the majority (76.44%) on DB Advisors allocated to a bank. I also had to vote for this option, because I knew it would win.

Reliable bank: KfW (Germany) or Credit Suisse (Switzerland)?

I didn’t even check out these particular banks because I was sure about the winner here, too. Everyone has heard of the high credibility of the Swiss banks, so Credit Suisse, you were my choice. Most participants made the same choice – 70.39% for Credit Suisse and 15.41% for “Rather, Credit Suisse (Switzerland)” left its opponent far behind.

What is the purpose behind Switzerland canceling the bank secrecy for non-residents as of 2018?

An interesting result has occurred. I voted for “providing transparency in the field of exchanging tax information” because I was sure this is the actual case. 22.19% supported the same option. And, yes, the raw facts are that tax information started to be shared automatically once per year due to Switzerland signing a special agreement back in 2014. It’s so that double taxation is avoided.

However, the majority of Advisors (53.5%) suspected another reason and it has come out as the winner, i.e. “fighting the laundering/ legalization of assets and avoiding taxes”.

Conclusion: People’s emotional reactions can diverge them from the truth of the matter.

Entering what kind of data, do you think, is the main step for neurosets to detect fraudulent activities in the functions of a bank?

This one was quite obvious: “Whether five or more operations have been carried out on the given card during the previous 10 minutes” – 46.2% (me included) picked it up as the winning option.

Bank of America optimizes its work thanks to AI. It will soon…

… “allow accelerating work with customers” was the most logical conclusion here and 37.46% of Advisors agree.

Why do banks have no currency in summer?

I haven’t heard about that before, it didn’t sound logical at all and the quick research on Google showed no results, either. So, my answer was “Any seasonality can be leveled with time by the efficiency of the financial market”. 32.83% supported the same idea.

36.47% (or the majority in this case), on the other hand, claimed that “Seasonality in the foreign exchange market is the conditional concept”. Hmm…

Most people start investing in order to…

… “be financially secure for all of life’s emergency”, said most voters (43.07%). While this is the general reason, I am pretty sure that the more concrete “to provide a shelter for advanced age, when they will not be physically able to work” (20.48% and my choice) is far likely to be the main reason for investing.

Most people that invest start to do so at a pretty mature age and it is due to their old age. While young, the same people focus on earning and not investing, but they still are not free of life emergencies. The thing is that they rely on other sources for these emergencies.

It is more viable to finance startups through…

… “additional income sources”, hands down. 39.51% agree.

… is the leader in the field of mobile payments.

No surprise here as well – PayPal is the most recognizable authority in online/ mobile payments. Its leadership is obvious on DB Advisors, too. It’s one of the two payment methods implemented by the website. 80.9% of the votes made it the winner over Apple Pay (14.93%) and Google Wallet (4.18%).


Every aspect of our society and our everyday life lacks justice!

Emotion-related Questions

Some singers make me feel disgust and contempt for them, similarly to the newly mass-produced untalented actors.

Of Coffee and Coloring

People can easily cheer me up and make me smile, but also make me angry or furious.

A Roller Coaster Ride

Knowledge is something even a thief cannot steal from you.

Undercover agent

Forget the past or go back and change some things. Which one would be better?

We are not machines

Live a quiet life. At some point, sooner or later, you realize it’s what we all need.

The Quietest Person

This is one of the worst nightmares for me, as I am a shy person.

You and society

If you know that you are being truthful, then always stand by your words.