A day to learn from personal mistakes. Nedim Katica

A day to learn from personal mistakes. Nedim Katica


Added 11.02.2019

A day to learn from personal mistakes. I had 7 of them, and on some of them I failed quite badly. When I look back, it's because of not going with my gut, and not thinking it through enough.

  1. Discoverer of the century:

After a long and unnecessary demur, I picked Tesla. Even though my gut was saying otherwise. Albert Einstein received 62.5% of the votes and Tesla only 31.2%, a major difference in voting and of course the rating.

  1. You often experience:

Here my first instinct was gravitating towards the majority answer. Anger was my option that coincided with 15% of the votes. Yearning was the top majority opinion with 50.5% of votes. Another huge miss and a pretty low rate.

  1. Invest in …

I voted General Electric (15.65%) over eBay (50%). But eBay is standing quite strong against some strong competitors. It has been on the first place a couple of times in the last 15 survey days.

  1. What are you ready to defend with special persistence?

World peace as top majority opinion with 50% of all votes. I am a 100% for world peace, but my opinion was ‘Solidarity and equality' like 22% of peoples’ votes. I was too much focused on my opinion and I put it on a more personal level, but it was more of general well-being and peace.

  1. What do you trust more?

Why do we trust The Heart more? I thought Reason will overcome, but yet again I was wrong. Not a drastic difference in rates, Heart got 48% of the votes and Reason got 38% of the votes.

  1. You would like to try yourself as a:

Psychologist, top majority answer with 40% of the votes. Then a lawyer – 25%, and then my opinion Personal manager – 18% of the votes. Lack of deeper thinking on this one. It is truly important to distant your personal opinion on a deeper level as well.

  1. Extremism for freedom: crime or not a crime?

I don't know if I misinterpreted the question or I didn't think it through enough. I chose not a crime, and my opinion matched with 5% of the votes. The biggest miss of the day. The majority opinion was ‘The choice of each person, despite the consequences', with 38% of the votes.

The biggest struggle

Being prone to disputes can also be a disadvantage, but not as big as confidence.

Give And Take Respect

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything.

Live Happily Forever Alone?

If there is something like life after death, I would love to be wherever my loved ones are.

Democratic Leader

I believe in Karma. Whatever you do will come back to you for sure eventually.

Be polite, but keep a distance

...cunning isn’t good in any case – as an option here, and as an option in real life.

The Best Time of My Day

You can kill or die in a split-second, but to understand someone will take ages."

Sarcasm rules!

...using and loving black humor is a sign of high intelligence.

Eat What You Want

And what do you eat… Grass?