A day to learn from personal mistakes. Nedim Katica

A day to learn from personal mistakes. Nedim Katica

A day to learn from personal mistakes. I had 7 of them, and on some of them I failed quite badly. When I look back, it's because of not going with my gut, and not thinking it through enough.

  1. Discoverer of the century:

After a long and unnecessary demur, I picked Tesla. Even though my gut was saying otherwise. Albert Einstein received 62.5% of the votes and Tesla only 31.2%, a major difference in voting and of course the rating.

  1. You often experience:

Here my first instinct was gravitating towards the majority answer. Anger was my option that coincided with 15% of the votes. Yearning was the top majority opinion with 50.5% of votes. Another huge miss and a pretty low rate.

  1. Invest in …

I voted General Electric (15.65%) over eBay (50%). But eBay is standing quite strong against some strong competitors. It has been on the first place a couple of times in the last 15 survey days.

  1. What are you ready to defend with special persistence?

World peace as top majority opinion with 50% of all votes. I am a 100% for world peace, but my opinion was ‘Solidarity and equality' like 22% of peoples’ votes. I was too much focused on my opinion and I put it on a more personal level, but it was more of general well-being and peace.

  1. What do you trust more?

Why do we trust The Heart more? I thought Reason will overcome, but yet again I was wrong. Not a drastic difference in rates, Heart got 48% of the votes and Reason got 38% of the votes.

  1. You would like to try yourself as a:

Psychologist, top majority answer with 40% of the votes. Then a lawyer – 25%, and then my opinion Personal manager – 18% of the votes. Lack of deeper thinking on this one. It is truly important to distant your personal opinion on a deeper level as well.

  1. Extremism for freedom: crime or not a crime?

I don't know if I misinterpreted the question or I didn't think it through enough. I chose not a crime, and my opinion matched with 5% of the votes. The biggest miss of the day. The majority opinion was ‘The choice of each person, despite the consequences', with 38% of the votes.


Every aspect of our society and our everyday life lacks justice!

Emotion-related Questions

Some singers make me feel disgust and contempt for them, similarly to the newly mass-produced untalented actors.

Of Coffee and Coloring

People can easily cheer me up and make me smile, but also make me angry or furious.

A Roller Coaster Ride

Knowledge is something even a thief cannot steal from you.

Undercover agent

Forget the past or go back and change some things. Which one would be better?

We are not machines

Live a quiet life. At some point, sooner or later, you realize it’s what we all need.

The Quietest Person

This is one of the worst nightmares for me, as I am a shy person.

You and society

If you know that you are being truthful, then always stand by your words.