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Each of you has your own potential, sometimes not knowing about his "creative" essence.
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DB Advisors together with EIRC have developed and still keeps developing various programs.  We decided to tell you about the “equal opportunities” program. You have recently become a participant in the surveys, but have already noted for yourself that the names of the leaders are repeated every now and then. Of course, why don’t they win? One is a psychologist, the second one is a business owner, the third one - a mathematician, they have graduated prestigious universities... in addition, they have sort of "settled" on the website as if it is their home. And certainly they have developed their tactics. And you, a beginner, have a secondary education. There is no "extra" money to invest in some product. You give up and "get out of the game"? But, is it worth it?? You surely have the potential to develop your tactics, not inferior to someone else’s... Is it beyond possible? See for yourself: by investing a minimum or not investing in something at all, you will win the maximum. It’s up to you.

Tomorrow the one who was in equal position with you yesterday, will considerably move from his place. We will not discover America: a person who admits that he knows little can surpass many people in his striving to know more. He just must have the desire! Besides, the one who invests more, wins more. There is evidence to this fact. We promote even more opportunities for everyone who trusts us. As we understand, all our users trust us, because they have interacted with us!

By the way, let's just talk about the importance: intelligence or diploma?

Despite the fact that EIRC is the center of emotional intelligence research, it is impossible to do without IQ. Only a combination of IQ and EI will set you in the right space, so to speak.

It is not a secret that higher education is still a priority, but the value of the diploma is inversely proportional to the number of graduates. The more graduates, the less value of the document…

In fact, studying the writings of Thomas Chamorro-Premusic, we agree with him. There is a difference between what is taught in the universities with what is expected when applying for a job.  Based on the data provided by Thomas, "...the availability of higher education increases income by more than 20% in Central African countries (where there are not many people with diplomas), but only by 9% in the Nordic countries (where 40% of the adult population graduated from University). At the same time, with the spread of higher education, recruiters and employers are increasingly demanding a diploma regardless of its value for a particular position."

It turned out that a person with a lower IQ is quite capable of achieving better results in the work. The one that involves creativity and critical thinking. All those were good at the University, are also good in discussing, being friends with the logic, after graduating.

Thomas Chamorro-Premusic calls to evaluate intelligence from a psychological point of view. And we are ready to applaud for that. What will we get? Greater reliability in the recognition of human potential. In addition, what is important: less dependence on the social level.

And so we reached the most important point for us. We also got acquainted with the opinion: it is necessary to teach interpersonal skills in universities more. Here we give Thomas standing ovation.  Today, all over the world people who already have a high level of emotional intelligence and/or developing it are in the trend. Those who adequately resists stress and has empathy.

In no case should we forget about artificial intelligence. It is not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow robots will be able to cope with human tasks. And who will succeed in that? They are emotionally competent! And, believe me, not every one of them will have a diploma of higher education…

For our team it is important to interact with such users!

Neither gender, nor education, nor place of residence, nor age, nor social level – none of this is of particular importance. For us, as employers and/or your partners, your commitment and faith in yourself is important. And of course, individuality. Each of you has its own potential, sometimes not knowing about his "creative" essence. You will do the unexpected for yourself.

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/


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