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A random shot here, but I guessed it somehow.
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Questions Analysis for January 30


Alright, it’s obviously time for yet another survey about time. Let’s go:


  1. Usually you spend a lot of time on:

“Choosing food in the restaurant” has always been a time-consuming activity for me… haha. 5.34% of Advisors chose the same option. Most of them, though spend a lot of time “viewing friends” news in social networks” – 69.17%. 


  1. The best time for exercising

I remember “in the morning” has been the winner before, and so it has done it again. 65.5% (me too) voted for it one more time and it has topped the chart.


  1. If it were possible, what would you like to do with time?

Definitely “compress” it (3.21% votes). A bit of intensity will do me good. The majority (60.25%), on the other hand, would like to “slow it down”. Seems our lifestyles are pretty different at the moment, which is no surprise in the end.


  1. For you, time means:

An all too well-known question with the same winner – “The road we all go” – 51.57% of all the votes this time.


  1. Tomorrow is a vacation. It is time for ...

I had difficulties to choose an answer between “new discoveries” (which has become the winner with 52.5%) and “freedom” (37.5%) because I experience these in my everyday life as well. So vacation is not a period of time with radically different qualities for me. Or better yet, I can say I’m on a permanent vacation. Thus, I ended up voting for the latter option due to the belief more people feel less restricted while vacationing.


  1. Time …

… “is continuous” – this statement matches my opinion and the majority’s. It was voted by 51.12% of the participants in the survey.


  1. The best way to “find time for small and boring tasks”.

It’s a match again – “determine the importance of tasks” (46.62% support) is what can be efficient in this case.


  1. "Time also needs time," said Cervantes. What do you think about this advice?

“It makes you resign to your fate” is what I voted, and so did 39.45% of Advisors. However, a bit higher number of them (42.93%) agreed that “it works only for patient optimists”. I would agree with this too, if there wasn’t the word “only” because it actually works for everybody, including the patient optimists.


  1. Spending time alone will …

… “affect the self-development”, said the majority (42.75%) and this is too general for an answer. I went for the more specific one “increase creativity”. It got the support of 25% of the voters.


  1. It's time for …

… “mergers” (11.58%) in my opinion. “Websites for future consolidation” – according to the majority (38.92% in this case). A small difference in the concepts, a huge one in the results. Second place for “leading players” – 37.19% support.


  1. What does time steal?

A very small difference between the winning option and the runner-up here as well. “The conviction that the amount of work done is more important than its quality” received 38.48%, whereas “Faith in a directly proportional relationship between work and the result” (which was my choice) got 37.75%.


  1. Which of the modern musicians passed the "time test"?

A random shot here, but I guessed it somehow. Ed Sheeran got the support of 33.08% of the people who voted on DB Advisors. Congratulations!

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