New section

New section

Dear friends!

Soon we are launching a new section called "Market of opinions". Here you can purchase forecasts from our experts on a particular question for the next debate day.

How it works? Advisors, who took the leading positions in the rankings for a month, will share their opinions. And you will have the opportunity to purchase these forecasts in the market. This will help you to quickly and accurately identify the winning answer.

Two types of packages will be presented in the "Market of opinions": with comments from the expert (an explanation for why this option was chosen) and without comments (only the answer option).

You will be able to get forecasts by mail within an hour after the purchase.

Changes in weekly packages

Much more opportunities.

Michael Murigi: The Exam is Over

An elegant young man whose role model is Martin Luther.

References from teachers

Each of us is a source of truth only in the sphere of his own feelings.

Employees of a successful company: what are they?

It is curious, are our users interested in personal development as such?

The role of speech in interpersonal relations

...communicating through oral speech, we understand each other not only by the criterion of what we say.

Learning: everything, from everyone and always!

Why do we have to study even after the university?

Are face signals important?

We defined the feelings of others more accurately not necessarily by their faces.

Empathy within reasonable limits

Take care of yourself: look for a positive until you find it.