Once again Uzbekistan gives joy to its fans! (updated)

Once again Uzbekistan gives joy to its fans! (updated)

Representatives of Uzbekistan are back on top!

wins with a difference of only 0.0437 points! It looks like the Georgians gave all their strength to another tournament - World Cup. Were they able to win there?

See here – https://database.az/ru/country-cup

is getting closer and closer to the coveted final, but every time she lacks something... this time she was blocked by another representative of Uzbekistan Janna Ramazanova, who was ahead by almost one and a half points.

Only participants from Uzbekistan were able to reach the Final, and now all fans applaud their masters - there is only a "bonus" round, in which we will know who will be the first and who will be the second one.



Dear friends!

Every day we are getting closer and closer to the final. Today the semifinal of the Mind Fest tournament has started, and the tension within during the competition is increasing exponentially.

The best participant on the first day of the semifinal is (20.6413), and the participant with the lowest coefficient is (20.2896). Since the difference in the coefficients of the opponents is minimal, it is very difficult to predict the winner.

This is the reason why it is more interesting to follow the tournament. We are looking forward to the end of this stage, and we wish good luck to all the participants!

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Dear friends!

1/4 of the tournament started yesterday, and today we know the results of the first day. So, is the participant, who turned out to be the best today (7.3405), and the participant with the lowest coefficient becomes (6.8052).

There are still 2 days of the current stage, so everyone still has time to gather their thoughts and use all their strength. However, do not relax much. The final is very close.

Good luck and don't forget to follow the updates!



Dear friends!

1/8 of the tournament has started today, and, attention, top-3 best participants for the first day:

  1. (6.1085)
  2. (6.0770)
  3. (6.0612)

The participant with the lowest coefficient is (4.4251)

Do not give up, there is still a whole 2 days to show the full strength of your emotional intelligence and revenge. Meantime, I'll say goodbye you until the next stage.

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Dear friends!

Yesterday 1/16 tournament of “Mind Fest” started, and now that the results are known, let's look at the results of the past day.

Top 3 participants with low coefficients:

  1. (5.7477)
  2. (6.8072)
  3. (6.9238)

(8.1674) is the participant who received the highest result to date. He managed to overtake the nearest opponent by almost 0.2 points. He will need to show all the power of his emotional intelligence to keep leadership.

Let's see what will happen next and how the current stage will complete. Meantime, follow our updates!

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