Сuriosity killed the cat? Shravani Kotapaty

Сuriosity killed the cat? Shravani Kotapaty


Added 12.01.2019

Questions Analysis for January 11

  1. Choose the soundtrack to the current stage of your life:

Life always has something new for you. Every day strikes for a new learning. In those terms 13.7% people have decided on ‘New interpretations of Jazz’. Whatever their life brings on, 28.67% say they are always ready and chose ‘European cinema music’. People who are actually subtle in nature have chosen gentle melody 9.45%. I would personally choose new interpretations too since I’m trying to welcome and accept new changes in my life. Music has got so much to do with our day to day lives.

You imagine your inner world like a:

Who wouldn’t want their life to be a sparkling diamond, say 19.2%. Well, I agree for some extent. But nothing comes so easily in your life. For achieving everything you have to struggle, fight and suffer a lot, say 31.4% who chose Sapphire whale. A few say that though they act strong outside, but are actually weak inside, say 7.6% and they voted for Silver key. I know and I imagine the same too. My inner world is always a giant whirlpool.

  1. Twice a day you meet the same stranger. Your reaction

26.7% say that they try and understand as to why this incident looks like a coincidence. 18.1% say it’s obvious and very much evident that being stalked by the same person twice a day is no coincidence. People who are strong enough to fight with any situation say (31.2%) they will talk to the person directly to analyze his intention. I would say all these are true, but if you are so sure that the person doesn’t know you, then be pro active and smart to deal with such situations.

  1. My friends and I:

We have many friends and well-wishers in our life. However, our wavelength matches with only a few friends. They stay with during your thick and thin. They can guess what’s in your mind even from your silence. Those people are our best friends. We would love to hang out with only a few friends, who are important to us, say 42.3%. We need a bunch of best buddies to party, go on vacations and have fun, say 21.6%.

  1. My way to work:

People who hate to begin their mundane mornings, say they feel like sleep walking (7.8%). Obsession with traffic issues can be seen in many around us with increase in population, say 12.3%. A few have gone out of the box and said they would simply plan their day and check if they can accomodate pending issues to clear off. I appreciate the last one, because at the end of the day you need to go to office and work. Then why spoil with silly thoughts, enjoy your day and give your best at work.

  1. What is in your magic box?

16.3% have locked their superstitions in the magic box. I personally don’t wish to have any magic box as such. If there is one, then I want to open it to start off my day with inspirational proverbs and sayings.

  1. I feel a strong panic when away from the usual places (home, work...).

In few spooky places or a place, where the situation is out of your control, then panic alarm does ring in you. However, such things are meant to happen rarely. I choose very rarely.

  1. Darwin's theory of evolution: myth or reality?

A few say it’s true and real and few say it’s nonsense. But the experts say the theory has been proved to be correct. I remember studying the same in schooling. I believe it to be true. Whatever is the fact evolution of man and his inventions is the origin for us to do whatever we are doing right now.

  1. Which phrase makes you want to keep reading?

Surprisingly, all these phrases are very interesting and if given a chance I would love to read all three. But amongst these I choose “the stone in his hands….”. The same has be chosen by 54.23%.

  1. Statement of the day:

7.6% would love to go beyond their own boundaries, which is good. Always try and learn new things, this will help you to become better than before. 19.72% say they are constantly evolving and this is a good sign too. Well, 13.33% have voted for the fact that their modest persona doesn’t interest them. I wonder why. I would choose ‘going beyond boundaries’ too.

  1. I …

Party prone people say they can’t stand boredom (18%) and a few say they do not like loneliness. I would say, never be alone until and unless it is required most. Always try and be with people who can help you build inner confidence and develop knowledge about new things. Also, hanging out with people who can make you happy helps to stay healthy. But I choose got used to radical changes.

  1. I'll admit myself that:

Most of us get attracted to unknown, though it is for short period of time. A few get stuck with petty things and ignore the most crucial ones. I always listen to my emotions and that’s why sometimes I fiddle with few issues. Stay calm and cool, learn to control emotions and happiness, people will get attracted to you.

  1. About me:

Curiosity is good to some extent, but always being curious about everything in life will place you in hell lot of troubles. Remember the idiom “curiosity killed the cat”. Knowing about yourself is fair enough and also trying to solve complex tasks is a positive option to increase you patience.

  1. Best investment:

According to the pattern observed, AT&T has been doing fair enough job in the last 6 months. PG&E group graph has been flunked due to the retirement of their higher officials. These factors often cause too many fluctuations in the market. Cisco though is currently bearish, it has been most chosen stock by many and forecasts say that this stock will give you high ROI. I guess Cisco is the best.

  1. Invest in…

These stocks have plunged a lot. Microsoft though seems to follow downward trend, experts prognosis says that this is the most profitable stock in technology going forward. General Electric has been uncertain too, but this has strove upward in the graph. AMD is the best investment as many others say, who are involved in stock forecasts. Micron tech predictions seems to be positive too. I suggest AMD is the best investment.

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