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It is still necessary to take into account the majority opinion, while not forgetting yours.
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On January 10 DB Advisors offered us 5 questions related to different kinds of help. That is, a third of the questions were on one topic. This prompted me to conduct a small experiment and see how my personal opinion differs from the majority opinion.

When answering questions, I always try to turn off my preferences, trying to put myself in other people's shoes and understand what they would choose. Having tentatively analyzed the question and read something about it on the Internet, I form this "general opinion". But it often happens that after reading the question the answer comes instantly. The correct answer. And then you try to convince yourself that no, most people will not choose this. Today I will answer these questions quickly, taking into account only my opinion and beliefs. And on January 11 I will compare them with the majority opinion.

You volunteer (or would like to volunteer) to help rather:

  • Within the framework of professional activity
  • Your friends and family
  • In any area of your life
  • Outside of the work environment in your spare time

There is no other choice except the one that comes to mind helping friends and your family. And who else can you rush to help to? The others will have to wait.

Majority opinion: Most people will rush to help first of all to their friends and family – 43.90%. At the same time, 37.13% of participants are ready to help everyone and always "in any area of your life".

Effective assistance requires:

  • Dedication
  • Good organization
  • Strongmotivation
  • Certain knowledge


Well, it is effective, isn’t, it? I'm not sure that without some knowledge something can be done effectively ... For instance, as first aid in different situations. Knowledge, you can’t do without them.

The majority opinion: Effective assistance requires dedication, decided the majority opinion - 30.49% of votes. I do not know how such assistance will be effective without certain knowledge and good organization, but you cannot argue the majority opinion. Second place for "Certain knowledge"  – 29.95% of votes.

What makes you help?

  • A desire to share your experience
  • A desire to be useful
  • The need to give pleasure
  • Favor

Share experiences or be useful?.. Personally, I help, because I just want to help, I worry about the person, that sort of thing. Not for gratitude or to please someone, or to be liked. Otherwise, it's not a help. But since there is no such option, then it is better to help to share experiences. For example, helping a child by explaining something referring on my own experience.

Majority opinion: Nevertheless, the desire to be useful moves people more than a desire to share their experience – 54.47%. Second place for "The need to give pleasure" - 19,27%. My option scored only 18.72% of votes and took the third place.

Helping is first and foremost:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Advise
  • Cooperate
  • Sacrifice yourself

It seems to me that if a person agrees to help, he first of all cooperates. I have no other option. Let's see what the majority will choose.

Majority opinion: Help means to cooperate. So decided the majority of Advisors – 52.10%. Second place for "Sacrifice yourself" - 21.57% of votes.

Helping someone, you do it mostly with all your:

  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Money
  • Being

Probably it is best to help with your heart. It means you care about the situation. That it's a heartfelt help. Financial relations lose a lot in this regard.

Majority opinion: Advisors have chosen "Heart" - 55.49%. Second place for "With all your being" - 23.10% of votes.

Conclusion. Three right answers against two wrong answers. It is still necessary to take into account the majority opinion, while not forgetting yours.

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