Willingness to Help. Elizabeta Miljković
Giving someone money to help also implies helping with your heart.
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Analysis of my answers for January 10


  1. You volunteer (or would like to volunteer) to help rather:

Volunteering to help your family or friends would be simply help or giving a hand, not volunteering, no matter what the ‘job’ is. And you can volunteer in any area, not just within your professional framework. So, the most appropriate answer would be ‘in any area of your life’, and hope the majority of the advisors will agree.

  1. Effective assistance requires:

From all those options listed, good organization is the key one. If there’s a good organization, any job can be done, no matter if there’s a certain knowledge or not.

  1. Can you imagine yourself:

I don’t have to imagine being a listener of someone’s mental suffering story. We have probably all done that at some point, when we were listening to a friend or family member. And from the remaining three options, I would choose the head of organization to combat illiteracy.

  1. What makes you help?

Depending on who I am helping to. Most often, it’s the desire to be useful and simply help someone. But it can be for a favor too. Still, I will choose desire to be useful, though the need to give pleasure could also be a popular answer.

  1. Helping is first and foremost:

Helping is cooperating and giving advice. Sacrificing yourself, could be the answer, but not necessarily. Troubleshooting, rarely. So I will choose cooperating here. If you think better, you can’t help someone if he doesn’t want your help.

  1. Helping someone, you do it mostly with all your:

Soul, being and heart are kind of synonyms here, at least for me. So, whatever option I choose from those three, I actually mean the same. Giving someone money to help also implies helping with your heart. Otherwise it would be borrowing, not helping.

  1. What type of lies can you resort to in order to strengthen your position in a dispute?

A very interesting question that really made me think and re-analyze my actions! When in a dispute, I always try to win it by real arguments and facts. But if I have to lie, I guess I would rather choose exaggeration and dramatizing. However, I think denial will be the most popular answer. It is one of the most ‘popular’ means of defense.


  1. What feelings expression on the part of your interlocutor are you afraid most?

I’m not afraid of insults and disrespect as I can answer back in a proper manner. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of cry either, but crying can be unpleasant and kind of odd. Screaming could scare me, especially if the interlocutor shows a tendency to use physical force, as well.

  1. Quiet, shy people:

Most of the people I get to meet say I am a quiet and shy person, so after reading those options, I would really like to know what they actually mean with that! I would choose having adequate self-assessment, but it is quite probable that the majority will vote for ‘consider them the worst’.

  1. How well do you know how to advertise yourself?

As I said in the previous question, I am quite a shy and quiet person, so introducing myself and drawing attention to me is not one of the things I do the best. However, it depends on the situation and who I am introducing myself to – I can shine sometimes.  So,  I will go with this option, no matter what.

  1. What word reflects your attitude to emotions most accurately:

Shortly said, keenness. Always intense and profound, no matter what’s the emotion.

  1. Conflicts mainly serve to …

I guess the point of conflicts is making people respect you.

  1. What would you ask your parents for if you could go back to your childhood?

Oh, this is such a good question!!! Maybe the best I’ve read since I am an advisor! However, this is one of those questions that are kind of too personal and you cannot guess what would the majority answer.

  1. Investment:

Boing could be the best option here.

  1. Invest in…

Bank of America. That would be smart.

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