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Question Analysis for January 9

  1. Somebody gives you an unflattering remark. You…

Well, it really depends on who this person is. If they are someone important for me, I “respond calmly”, just like most of the other participants (58.52%) answered. If, on the other hand, someone with an insignificant contribution to my life does that, I “don’t pay attention” – 23.99% voted for this option, too.


  1. Socrates said, Discover yourself. What would you answer that?

My answer here is again the combination between the winning option and the 2nd one – “The whole lifetime would not suffice for that” (20.76%). “I always strive to do that” (50.89%), though.


  1. Are you prone to anxiety?

The majority (48.66%) said “sometimes”, but I went for “more of uneasiness, though I am hardly sure about this one either” (22.77% support) for in time I’ve learned it’s useless and how to keep it away.


  1. A valuable compliment for you is...

Definitely “what would we do without you?”, even though I know that no one is irreplaceable. 20.26% of the Advisors made the same choice, whereas 44.4% preferred “you are reliable”.


  1. Select three words which better portray your personality:

This one was tough because I can rely on and exhibit all of the qualities listed and combined in the options. And I’m sure we all have them and exercise them in different circumstances and situations throughout our life, so I just went for the combination that is in the spotlight currently – “creative, risk-taker, cunning”. It was voted by 14.96% and ended up in the middle of the results chart. The majority (45.54%) describe themselves as “reliable, honest, principled”. 


  1. In your view, the most valuable quality for life is…

I was torn between the two leading answers here as well, but voted for “strength of character” eventually (and so did 31.56%). The “ability to respect others” (44.89% of all votes), in my opinion, often leads to making too many and unnecessary compromises, so that’s what devaluated it a bit in my eyes.


  1. What, in your opinion, is the most precise definition of desire?

I agree with the majority (40.09%) on this one – “to desire is to want”.


  1. You often tell yourself:

“You have the right to” was my answer, since I have already overcome the tendency to self-criticize “I could have done better”, which was the majority’s choice – 37.64% support, as well as the self-pity of “Why me?” and the fear of the unknown behind “I have to hold on”.


  1. In what genre will the book about your life be?

Unsurprisingly, my answer here coincided with that of the majority as it is all about emotional intelligence on DB Advisors. 38.31% answered “a psychological novel depicting my inner feelings” and this made this option the winner.


  1. What helps you to persuade someone?

I knew most people would answer “intelligence”, and so did they (32.16% of all voters). However, from years of experience communicating with people from all walks of life, I know it’s my energy that’s the most convincing thing. Some people call it light, others inner fire, passion, inspiration, etc. Talk about feedback.


  1. Tolerance for you is primarily…

The insignificant difference in the percentages (below 0.5%) between the winner “a way to hear others better” and “ability to take a wider perspective at life” (I voted for this one) is impressive and deserves a deeper comment by professionals.


  1. What is the most important thing in life?

I am not an overly ambitious person and want “just to enjoy my life”. This idea received the support of 26.62% on DB Advisors. The majority, on the other hand, wants “to find true love and make a family”. Good luck to all in this difficult endeavor!

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