Warning for Question Market users

Warning for Question Market users

10.01.2019 427

Dear friends!

Recently, a lot of falsified accounts (additional, not main profiles) have been active in "Questions Market". Their actions lead to an imbalance in the operation of the market, which affects the results of active advisors.

Attention! We warn all owners of falsified accounts - your actions will be involved in the proceedings and further blocking (Also, an audit will take place in relation to the main pages of users to detect violations).

Emotion recognition industry

We systematically continue to hone the skills of recognition of opinions, which are formed by emotions.

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What would be life like if your emotions are destructive?

Michael Murigi about tournaments

Without competition we'd still be single-celled organisms. Dr. House

News about Questions Market

This change will not affect packages as Everest’15 and Supreme’15.

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Both teams were able to snatch the victory on the last day of the semifinals!

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Is not the study of human behavior one of the fundamental components in the development of EI?

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Nana Patarashvili showed the best result in the semifinals, gaining a coefficient of 23,2111 points.

EMOTION ACADEMY: the third day of work

Michael Murigi will strengthen our Facebook advertising in his region.