They invest in stocks of DB Advisors

They invest in stocks of DB Advisors


Added 04.01.2019

Dear friends!

DB Advisors stocks are a medium - and long-term investment tool. Its success depends on the indicators of Advisors’ emotional intelligence. Many of our users are actively using this product, clearly understanding all its prospects and profitability.

The largest investor in DB Advisors, yes, he is an investor, is a Macedonian . His investment portfolio includes 107 stocks, which he acquired in several tranches, and for which he receives a quarterly dividend of 25% of the stock’s value (at the time of payment). Note that at the time Skender paid almost $2588 for 107 stocks, today their value has more than doubled and reaches almost $6000!

In addition to receiving a stable passive income, Skender has the opportunity to return the company's stocks any time and get a calculation at their current price. This is done for the comfort and protection of the interests of users – DB Advisors is set to maximum efficiency and transparency in working with its investors.

Also note the following investors:

, Estonia, 81 stocks (active participant of all DB Advisors tournaments)

, Nepal, 21 stocks (captain of Nepal national team)

, Kazakhstan, 20 stocks (semi-finalist of “World Cup” tournament)

, Georgia, 13 stocks (participant of the semifinal of “Emotional Advisors” tournament)

, Kenya, 9 stocks (captain of Kenya national team)

, Germany, 4 stocks (captain of German national team)

You can learn even more about stocks of DB Advisors and follow the schedule of stock’s value here – Become a partner of the project and receive dividends from emotional intelligence!

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