Results of "Emotional Advisors"

Results of "Emotional Advisors"


Dear friends!

"Emotional Advisors" tournament has completed! Participants from Georgia Giorgi Lashkhi and Marina Fursiy competed in the final. During the tournament these users showed great resilience and were confidently reaching their goal. Let's see their coefficients:



As we can see, the winner was ahead of his opponent by almost one point.

We congratulate Giorgi Lashkhi with a victory in "Emotional Advisors" tournament. Also, congratulations to Marina Fursiy, who reached the final and took a worthy 2nd place.

We wish DB Advisors users success in other tournaments and do not forget to follow our updates!

1/32 of Mind Fest!

Tea Avaliani showed her best - her coefficient was 23,6587.

Emotions today play the main role

Those who are with us, win, even if they do not always lead in DB Advisors competitions.

Surprise and Money

Emotional response may vary from person to person, but I believe these differences are much more personal.

Don't let your mood take over you

Our reasoning depends on our mood swings.

New product: sale

It turned out that the leaders have more doubts about the ability to bring the product to market than the ability to create innovation.

Start of the new Mind Fest

Prize fund of the tournament is $5000

California map of sounds

Isn't it interesting to understand others without knowing a particular language?

Croatia, Split. Arsenie Vuchkov

Split is one of the best cities on the Balkan.