How to Forgive?

How to Forgive?



It is not often easy to forgive. We have to stop ourselves feeling angry. Hate, resentment, we have to stop experiencing these feelings, but, of course, that is hard. By practicing forgiveness we are developing our compassion.

What is the right question for someone who wants to forgive? How to Forgive? Or Why to Forgive?

Sometimes people forgive for the wrong reasons.

It often happens that people forgive too fast, because 'It is the right thing to do'. Or you think that forgiving quickly will make you a better person. People sometimes feel a big pressure when forgiving, no matter who they have to forgive. It can come from your friends, family and many other different sources. But the catch is everyone wants you to forgive quickly, so they can move on and feel more comfortable. Never think that forgiveness is a shortcut to healing. If you think you can jump right to the end and skip all that vulnerable and hurtful stuff, well, you are wrong.

Never choose vengeance as a way to free yourself. When we choose vengeance, we agree to chain our story to our enemies for the rest of time. Forgiveness is the only path to freedom.

Psychologists have found a considerable correlation between reduced stress, better heart health, lower anxiety, lower pain perception and higher overall happiness. All these points attributed to your ability to be a forgiving person.

Forgiveness doesn't mean excusing or forgetting what happened. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. Real forgiveness has to let go of all the expectations.

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