Think twice

Think twice



I don’t mean stop following your intuition at all, but some things in life need to be thought twice. Because of your emotional state, sometimes you may not think rationally. So I've come to conclusion that every important decision you make needs to be thought twice at least. When facing with making important decisions, you often make it trusting rather your gut, than your head. Sometimes that's a good decision, but it wouldn't hurt to think about it twice.

My intuition lets me down most of the time. Usually it happens because I follow my gut feeling and trust people who eventually somehow hurt me. So my gut feeling is always wrong. I was lucky to realize it on time. Now I'm able to rationalize it, but there are many people, who spend their lifetime and never realize it. I hope my words can help you somehow about it, because it's for your own good. Trust me, I have a lot of experience in this field.

For all the important decisions I'm making now, I always ask opinions from people who I trust. I'm sure they will not go against me, but in my favor. And it makes it so much easier to make a decision. Thus, I've started to recover my intuition. I've caught myself numerous times, when I was about to do just the same thing as my experienced trustworthy friends would advise me to do. So my hopes are high, but I still consult with them, just to be sure I'm on the right track.

There are certain situations when you have no other choice, but to react on your instinct, and you have to do it right now. I support reacting on your feeling, but again, I strongly advise you to wait out while making some life changing decisions, and if your decision is still the same the next day, make it!

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