Statistics for December 5

Statistics for December 5


How to become an aristocrat?

To become an aristocrat, you need to become an expert in etiquette - so says 91 men and 77 women. The only option for which women voted more often was to "create a name for yourself", 85 female and 65 male votes. The greatest difference in the number of votes of men and women is in the "Have fun in style" option. This option received 24 male (68.75 per cent) and 11 female (31.43 per cent) votes. "Remember about clothes" option was supported only by users between the ages of 26 and 35. By the way, most often they voted for "Create a name for yourself" – they gave 32.75% of all their votes for this option. And youth, on the contrary, users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave 41,37% of all the votes for "become an expert of etiquette" option.


Private schools: a demonstration of money or a desire for education?

"Desire for education", that is why people go to private schools, the majority of men and women says so. The first ones gave 115 votes for this option, and the second one 121 votes. By the way, this is the only option for which women voted more often. 87 male and 65 female votes were given for "both options", and "demonstration of money" option received from men and women 62 and 59 votes, respectively. Users over 50 gave 61.53% of all their votes for the "desire for education". Users between the ages of 18 to 25 in percentage terms least voted for the "winning option" - this option received 45% of their votes.


The fact of the month:

Men and women gave 30 votes for "Obesity impairs mental ability" option. In general, in this debate women voted in a more balanced way – the difference between the most and the least popular option is only 16 votes. But the difference in men’s voting is 53 votes. It is worth noting that the winner received significantly more male votes - 83 male (64.43%) and 46 female votes (35.66%) were given for "Artificial intelligence has been taught to recognize depression". Users over 50 often voted for "horror movies calm the brain like meditation" - they gave 32.61% of all their votes for this option. "Bionic eyes will print on the printer" option was most often voted by users between the ages of 36 and 50 - their share in this question was 38.88% of votes.


A relative offers a good position in his company:

Women in most cases believe that it is necessary to "thank, but think also does not hurt" for such an opportunity. They gave 126 votes for this option (53.61% of all their votes). Men, in turn, most often chose the option "You will agree with pleasure" - they gave 121 votes (46% of all their votes) for this option. Users over 50 gave 53.85% of all their votes for the "silver" winner, while they know exactly what decision to make, so they did not vote for the outsider option. It is worth noting that less likely, as a percentage, young people voted for the "rejection"– they gave just 3.50% of their votes for that option.


The best company for long-term investment:

"Ferrari" is ahead again. By the way, women voted for this company more often, and this is the only option where they have the majority – women gave 101 votes for Ferrari, and men – 98 votes. The 3rd and 4th place options received the same proportion of male and female votes. Thus, 35 male and 26 female votes were given for Canon, and 70 male and 52 female votes for Procter and Gamble – in both options the share of male votes was 57.38% and the share of female votes was 42.62%. Users between the ages of 26 to 35 most often voted for Starbucks and Procter and Gamble – in the first option, their share is 33.33%, in the second one - 40.67% of votes.


Fight the exacerbation of emotions!

Feeling alone can cause mental fatigue.

No to surimi sticks and bouillon cubes!

Women: bouillon cubes have no place in our kitchen!

Statistics for December 10

AI credit is the credit of its Creator.

Vegetarianism and its myths

Money should be received for the result of the work done.

American megamind-woman and telegony as pseudo-teaching.

Women gave 134 votes for "Yes, always" option , and men gave 102 votes.

Statistics for December 4

Men considered "Sex education for lower secondary classes" subject as the most surprising one.

Statistics for December 3

Despite the fact that the number of women's votes was less, it did not prevent them to give more votes for "Cannes film festival" option than men did.

Statistics for the weekend

The men decided the outcome of the debates. They gave the most votes for the "traditionalist family".