Why Do Americans Work So Much?

Why Do Americans Work So Much?


Added 05.12.2018

If you think you work hard, relax, because you can’t even imagine how Americans work. They really work very much, sometimes even at 2 jobs. And no days off on the New Year, no 30-day vacation, not to mention other holidays. So why do they work so much?

There are at least 3 reasons:

Because each hour of working time is paid. For example: those who work in fast food field, try to come early and leave later to earn an extra $8 per hour.

Since their childhood Americans are accustomed to working 24/7. With all this, many have time to for football, basketball, etc. every day after school for a few hours. And returning home, they can immediately go to Church, have fun until late at night, have time to do homework and go to bed. They must go to school under any circumstances, whether they are ill or not. Missing classes will affect the school grades for the semester worse than a failed test. And then try to prove to the teacher that you were really sick. Even if you prove it, you will have to seriously work on.

And of course people just tend to raise their standard level all the time (which is considered the main source of depression of the XXI century). In order to pay for all your desires, you need more and more money. Besides, many have loans for their education, it is also necessary to save money for children’s education and pay other loans (mortgage, car, etc.).

With such an active work schedule, it is difficult to talk about the quality of work, but until today they managed very well. Of course, this is a great merit of discipline. For Americans, discipline is reflected in freedom, and freedom in turn is discipline.

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