They all want to be actors in Paris

They all want to be actors in Paris


Added 05.12.2018

Paris! Paris! Fantastic, amazing city!

Paris is the only city in the world where there is an opportunity to spend time carelessly, not doing anything significant. Paris is different in everything. It even has a special contract with time. It sort of freezes time and gives a chance to feel the history of the city, floating in the air, to find yourself and to know the diverse of fashion world.

For many people it becomes a city of contrasts and mysteries, while others fall into despondency. It is impossible to understand what is so special about it without visiting this city. Everyone has their own mysterious route in Paris.

It's easy to get lost in it. And yes, do not count on the city map, it will do to you treacherously, but in a French way. Each narrow street will take you to the fascinating cathedrals, museums and parks. No tour guide will reveal Paris the way You can. Discover it for yourself and feel like a hero of Parisian novels.

Eiffel tower. Boring and banal. But! You will spend a few hours or even more contemplating it. Its architecture did not leave anyone indifferent. It will help to gain second soul, and will leave a royal imprint in it.

Louvre. Yes, we know. You've read about it many times. For every tourist, the Louvre is a must-visit point. Visitors are ready to stand in line for several hours in order to see one picture. We think you can guess what picture we are talking about. Undoubtedly this is the Mona Lisa. It was Mona Lisa who turned the Louvre into the heart of Paris.

Disneyland. A thing for children, but Paris gives adults a chance to experience childhood again, relax and be carefree for a while. It's great when an adult can become a child for a few hours, but only for a few hours, and then it will fold you completely.

Paris is a universal and open city for all the inhabitants of the planet, with a pinch of magic. The main thing is to see this magic. Paris is good because there is always someone waiting for you, even if you have no one there.

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