A short Interview with Vera Ustinova

A short Interview with Vera Ustinova


  • Would you sacrifice something you love for someone?

Sacrifice is inherent in women, because after the birth of a child they no longer belong to themselves. Of course, I would sacrifice everything for the sake of the child, even my favorite thing, if there was such a need.

  • Are you a supporter of the fact that it is better to regret about thing you did or regret about the thing you didn’t do?

I actively explore life and try to change it for the better, so I always DO, even if then I may regret it. As a rule, I analyze and draw conclusions instead of regretting.

  • Do you think you have made the right choice of your profession?

In my youth, my teachers and parents made the choice for me. But I never regretted not becoming a doctor or a mathematician. Previously, one profession was enough for a lifetime. Now, it is hard to believe that, having mastered one profession, you can live a qualitatively good life. During the changes in the country, I found another profession, and it turned out that I made a very right choice.

  • Would you like to change anything in the past? What is it?

There are things I will regret all my life.

Women, I beg you, under any circumstances, never have an abortion! It destroys life, and subsequently, a sense of loss and grief from an inability to fix something never leaves you. I'm not comfortable writing about it, but maybe with this confession I can save one life that I myself couldn't save....

  • Have you ever been unfair towards someone close to you?

Unfortunately, yes. Emotions often defeated the mind. Now I understand how important it is to cultivate tolerance and distinguish the causes and consequences of emotions of your loved ones.

  • Were you able to make your childhood dream come true? Or your ideals have changed?

I have always wondered people who know how to dream, feeling happy from the probable desired future. Probably, from early childhood my brain was set up rationally and did not try to look into the future, where everything is unpredictable and variable.

  • What do you think, what should any person experience in his life?

I think having children and a protected life in a family that lives in love. I think this is enough for most people to be happy.

  • Did you have a desire to become a millionaire? Why?

Rational mind did not give me such fantasies and, much less, desires.

  • Are you a science person or an art person?

I'm an art person. The world of music has developed in me those qualities that have helped and help to overcome all the misery of human life. Beethoven's music gives energy and will, it helps to feel the joy of every day and see the light ahead, Bach helps to feel the frailty of all living things and be suspended from minor problems.

  • Do you have high expectations for the future of humanity?

I would really love to... and I hope so, but only if we think first of our importance to the future of humanity. So that future generations can simply continue to develop, and not to try to eliminate the consequences of staying on the land of previous generations.

  • Do you want to make a mark on history?

I’ve never had such ambitions. But to leave a mark in your life – Yes.

  • What do you think, why is the ability to recognize people's emotions so important?

Because emotions are mental indicators, according to which you can understand a person, his desires, his attitude to everything. Having knowledge of emotion recognition, you can rarely experience negative moments, build productive relationships in the family and at work. This means that our lives as a whole will be better. Who doesn't want to be happier? ...

  • How often are you tempted to go to another country and start everything over?

I am always open to a new and improved version of my life, but I left this idea in the past, because I had experience of living in a foreign country and I know how difficult it is. I feel comfortable with my family, friends and the opportunity to speak my native language.

  • What do you think, has science done everything possible in the study of space for today or it could have achieved greater results?

Of course, being studying the space only, scientists would have already found and inhabited many planets suitable for life, colonies of earthlings, would have found a different mind in the Universe, would understand the purpose of black holes and matter, would build a space transport system. But people choose their goals as a matter of priority, and that's right. There are still a lot of problems on Earth...

  • What life experiences could you share with other users?

Each of us is a unique creature, the only one on Earth and in the Universe, with your own set of qualities and abilities. Therefore: be guided solely by your mind and intuition, gain your experience and do not accept others’, and you will make fewer mistakes.

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