You help them and they help you

You help them and they help you


Added 05.12.2018

I was inspired by the question “What help is most difficult for you to accept?” posted in the previous survey.

My answer was “financial” one, because I’ve always been taught to be a strong and independent woman, because in today's world a woman can't allow herself to depend on anyone. That is true and I stand by it with all my heart, but sometimes you can't foresee some situations in life which force you to ask for help. And then, I believe it's okay to ask for it. I am sure you helped some important people in your life, so I do believe those people would be even more happy to help you. For example, I've been helping my friend with her relationship problems, and I’ve been there for her for years, never asking anything in return. And I've come to a situation where I needed her help, and I've been fighting with myself just to avoid asking her for help. After some time, I was caught in a limbo, seeing no way out. One day she asked me what was wrong with me. I saw there was no other way, except telling her that I needed her help. And you know what she told me? "Honey, why didn't you tell me this before?"

So there I was, crying my eyes out for fighting against myself, when I always had her, who had my back all the time. All I had to do was just to ask for help.

You can't expect that from anyone, and if you don't get the help from the people you ask, they are not your people. It was scary for me to do that, but I am not afraid anymore. From that day, I ask and I receive the help I need. There are still good people, and it's up to you to recognize them, and when you do that, you keep them. You help them, and they help you too.

What I am saying, there is no shame in asking for help. Don't dig yourself out, if you don't have to. There are many arms reaching to you, and all you have to do is just grab one.

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