Questions analysis for November 30

Questions analysis for November 30


Added 04.12.2018

Children more often are born: blue-eyed or brown-eyed?

Irrespective of gender, when the above question has been asked, people voted for brown eyed. 26% cogitate that blue eyed are born more often. Children are always cute irrespective of their eye color.

Terribly beautiful:

The picture in the question itself is blood curdling. More than 50% have picked out "The Nun” to be the terribly beautiful queen. The remaining options have also been picked by a few people. Depending on the majority, the crown can be given to our famous “the Nun”.

The best investment in hotel business:

Hotels of international standards are always considered best by many people. In terms of investment I presume that both men and women have come down in favor of Marriott International. Marriott International has maintained stability in the market and that makes them stand far away from the rest.

The best investment in the gaming industry:

We believe that gaming industry always gains profit. However, people have singled out Electronic Arts group to be the best company to invest and secure their future. Other options were chosen too with a petty debate regarding their unstabillity in the market. But Electronic arts has topped.

GMO or the usual pesticide treatment?

GMO and pesticides are equally harmful. Contemplating the percentage of danger and harm caused by both, 29% people have settled on rather pesticide than GMO. 47% have voted for all the same since all such chemicals are hazardous and it is better to avoid those as much as possible.

The most harmful product

Here again, irrespective of their gender, 46% people have plumped for sugar. They believe that sugar is the most harmful product. 37% have opted salt over sugar stating it is the most harmful product. Salt and sugar both are symmetrically harmful as they cause high blood pressure if used in high quantities. To be more precise, apart from wheat flour the remaining options can bring you health issues if you use them in excessive amounts.

Couples that gain weight: are newlyweds or are happily married?

Here, men have chosen newlyweds as the ones who gain more weight when compared to others. Women have picked unhappily married. Since the couple don’t believe in impressing each other they tend to gain more weight. 7% had chosen happily married and others say they do not know. Gaining weight to certain extent is okay, but not to the number where you need to run after gyms and slimming centers later.

The most tiring home routine:

Household chores are always hectic. 37% have singled out on washing and cleaning and 29% considered organizational matters as more restless. Dishes, stove and refrigerator are equally frantic says 25%. Whatever is the chore, it is always chaotic.

The strangest hobby:

Majority of people have come down in favor of train surfing. 30% have chosen soap carving as a strangest thing to do. 23% say cosplay and 10% say doll collecting. Train surfing is strange as well as life threatening. Soap carving can be a good pastime to learn new things. Cosplay is good for those who love art. Doll collecting isn’t the strangest at all.

The most effective structure of government:

Once again, this is individual’s opinion. 34% have tabbed for parliamentary structure, 21% for presidential. On the other hand, 27% say none of these options are actually suitable. Any structure, when put in place, the country’s economic growth needs to be considered first.

Is unemployment benefit effective?

Unemployment insurance/benefits are not effective says 33%. And 21% says it is good to avail such benefits in times of need. However, its government’s as well as individual’s responsibility to ensure there is no misuse done with those benefits as it can effect the entire country’s economy like dawdling.

The most controversial family way of life:

Men have picked guest marriage as the most controversial style and on the other hand women say separate holidays. Separate budget has been picked too. However, guest marriage has topped.

Adults live better …

Adults don’t need a separate house or city to live happily says 49%. Inner peace and love is what they require to enjoy that stage of their life. So true. Others believe that they should stay with their parents as it is important for them to take care of them. Both options are logical.

What child in the family has easier life?

Believe it or not the oldest child gets more attention, love and protection. They can ask for anything in the world and parents would surely get it. Youngest one gets to know the other side of their parent such as ignorance, anger. So says the result of voting.

Whose relationships are more trustful:

Many people have agreed that brother and sister relationship the is most trustful one. 27% says brothers. Brother and sister relationship though looks like Tom and Jerry fight, they actually have each other’s back when required. Kudos to all brothers and sisters.

Echo of Life

Our perspectives and perceptions affect so much of our individual realities.

Being a Human

Everything is growing rapidly, but behind the screen our self-destruction mode has been switched on.

Illusion of Friendship

In times when technology makes us be closer than ever, we are actually so lonely and distant from each other.

Humorous but True

Something which is considered as a boon is also a bane for humans.

The Pain of Saying Goodbye

More love wouldn’t harm anyone!

A Sign of A Mature Personality

Changes are necessary and essential for adapting to life and for surviving into this world.

A Component of Luck

No success is worth if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Learning to Believe or Learning to Forgive

Learning to resist people who are there to make use of you or hurt you will make your life easier.