Questions analysis for November 30

Questions analysis for November 30


GMOs vs pesticides and features of train surfing

The first day of winter has come and with that a new DB Advisors tournament - WORLD CUP. This tournament involves all the countries represented on the project, but only the strongest one will be able to win, and this victory depends on each of us. All you need to do to make your country win – answer every game day as well as possible. And to answer well, you need to analyze your mistakes in the past survey days.

During the analysis of the past questions I considered what is train surfing and what is more harmful – GMOs or pesticides. Here's what I learned.

The strangest hobby:

The proposed options are: "Train surfing", "Soap carving", "Doll collecting", "Cosplay".

Cosplay (dressing up in costumes) was immediately cross out, soap carving cannot be called very strange either. There is nothing strange about dolls collecting, unless, of course, the collector is not a man. And we have train surfing. But what is it?

I didn't know about such sport as train surfing before this question appeared in DB. It turned out that this is an extremely dangerous type of movement on the train, which is not recommended even to try to repeat. It consists in clinging to the train from the outside, riding on the roof of the train, in the open bodies of trains. In other words, don’t do what is shown in the photo below.


So called "train surfers" are engaged in this extreme form of transportation which appeared in the early XX century. Such experiments often end with injuries and even death. So, in any case, do not repeat this.

Conclusion. The winning option was "Train surfing "(29.78%), but with a small margin from " Soap carving" (27.74%). This is probably due to the fact that the word train surfing is unknown to many people and only a third of the Advisors either knew its designation or followed the link and read about it. Advisors often choose more common options, but I still prefer to consider everything and choose the most suitable.

GMO or the usual pesticide treatment?

There is nothing good in both options, so Advisors chose "Both options" – 27.78%. The second place for "Rather pesticide treatment" - 25.89%. I made a mistake and chose "Rather GMO", for which I was punished with the last fifth place – 10.52% of votes.

So which one is worse?

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a way to make vegetables and fruits resistant to any weather conditions, protect them from pests and diseases. This is a positive part of the story, while the negative part covers all the advantages. Genetically modified plants are sterile, do not produce seeds. In addition, these plants hit the human immune system, affecting his digestive system, leading to intoxication, allergies, hormonal disorders and even cancer.

Pesticides are poison for plants treatment against diseases and pests. Absorbing this poison from the soil and water, plants become protected from diseases, but they themselves turn into poison for the human body. For us, the main danger of pesticides is the liver, nervous system damage and cancer.


Conclusion. I made a mistake, having rushed and choosing the wrong answer. In such questions, where both options are negative, it is not necessary to choose the lesser evil. "Both option" is the universal and the most correct option.

By the way, since the beginning of December bonds have risen in price by almost $1. So do not waste your time, stock up on bonds and earn.

Think globally, act locally. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nothing stays there for too long – things are changing fast.

This too shall pass. Nedim Katica

It will make the rich richer, while making the non-rich poorer.

You bet it! Tania Ivanova

...the goal is not always justified by the means.

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Anything gone beyond the limit is always dangerous.

Listen to impress? Tania Ivanova

The presence of a reaction is what makes an impression on someone, no matter whether it is a positive or a negative one.

Survey as a way to see the changes

"Students are mistakenly viewed as some kind of modern slaves"

Nothing but deceitful selfies. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nowadays, all that matters is to get more readers as possible...

Wild guess. Tania Ivanova

...maybe this is just a protesting vote against a really “smart” question.