Questions analysis for December 3

Questions analysis for December 3


Added 04.12.2018

Investment in the film industry:

Let’s go with 20th Century Fox as the one who made some of the highest-grossing movies in history.

The best investment in a sports brand:

Adidas, Nike and Puma, they are all giants, but I will go with Nike, for no particular reason, just guessing.

The most ridiculous holiday:

I just can’t believe such dumb competitions even exist and are held every year! I would emphasize World Gurning Championship and the Chicken Show as the most ridiculous, but let’s vote for the chicken.

Prestigious film festival:

I think Cannes film festival is the most famous, the most media-covered and the most prestigious. Golden Globes are not considered a festival, I think. They are rather an annual award competition, like the Academy Awards.

The sweetest holiday:

Let’s go with the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness (though it won’t be spontaneous, if it is shown only on this day).

The most important holiday in Azerbaijan:

I was having a doubt whether to choose a national or a religious holiday: The National Revival Day or the Festival of sacrifice. I will vote for The National Revival Day as a unique holiday for Azerbaijan only.

March 8:

In my country and neighboring countries, March 8 is nothing but an excuse for making a party, doing things a woman never (or rarely) does the remaining 364 days of the year, and giving gifts that are ironically related to household. All those actions totally miss the point of March 8 as Women’s Day and the reason why it is celebrated.

The most interesting fact about Chupa-Chups:

The one about the logo and Salvador Dali won me right away!

Apple’s most interesting story:

Apple and Isaac Newton seems somehow logical, but still unexpected, if we are talking about computer company.

Truthful forecast of Elon Musk:

There are several forecasts on this list that sound quite realistic and could really happen in near (or a bit distant) future. But let’s say the one with the autopilot replacing drivers seems the most probable.

Woman’s greatest invention:

Wow! I have to admit I didn’t know all those stuff was invented by woman. And they are all definitely very useful and used, but I think Wi-Fi will have a convincing victory here.

Red trees in the white house:

Forest of 40 bright red trees. I wouldn’t say it’s cozy, but it’s definitely original.

Who is able to win the casino: mathematicians or programmers?

I guess mathematicians with counting the cards or whatever they do…

Interesting Liechtenstein:

The currency is the Swiss franc… I thought it was the euro.

Amazing contract of celebrities: ban on space flight or prohibition of suicide:

Both bans sound crazy and it is amazing to know someone would put this in a prenuptial agreement or something, but ban on space flight is the most surprising one. I would like to know which celebrity asked his partner to sign this!

Echo of Life

Our perspectives and perceptions affect so much of our individual realities.

Being a Human

Everything is growing rapidly, but behind the screen our self-destruction mode has been switched on.

Illusion of Friendship

In times when technology makes us be closer than ever, we are actually so lonely and distant from each other.

Humorous but True

Something which is considered as a boon is also a bane for humans.

The Pain of Saying Goodbye

More love wouldn’t harm anyone!

A Sign of A Mature Personality

Changes are necessary and essential for adapting to life and for surviving into this world.

A Component of Luck

No success is worth if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Learning to Believe or Learning to Forgive

Learning to resist people who are there to make use of you or hurt you will make your life easier.