Questions analysis for November 29

Questions analysis for November 29


There was a question on the survey about 'Leaders brain' traits, in other words, what are the main characteristics of a good leader? In the answer options, we were offered with 'Independent', 'Fair', and 'Aggressive', and these answers received 59%, 25.82% and 8.4% of our votes respectively. I picked 'Fair' option, because I think that is the most important trait out of all offered in question. The reason for my choice is that, in my opinion, this quality helps develop mutually supportive relationships with those around and also supports a positive work environment. When employees feel respected and cared for, they develop trust in you as a manager. I am talking in a business sense, but it can be applied to all spheres and types of leadership. The fundamental formula:“Treat everyone you encounter as you would like to be treated“.

But, let's try to figure out why 'independent leader' took the first place with such a big difference. What does it mean to be an independent person? Independent thinkers don't allow other people's thinking to become their own. They don't adopt things as they are or as they seem at first. They don't rely on other people to do their job. What are the qualities of an Independent leader? Confidence, determination, persistence, creative thought, social awareness, belief, integrity – these are just some of the qualities that represent a good leader. Being independent is much more relevant in today's world and it is important to realize that soon as possible.

In the end being independent seems to be a major deal in leadership and in life in general. The majority recognized that and decided in favor of independent leader.

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Day by day I pick up something and appreciate everything that has been posted on this website.

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