Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik

Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik


I have to say, I have quite a lot of questions.

As I get older, I get an answer to some of them.

It seems that now I began to understand a little why there is no answer to most of them at all.

I can't tell the shades of pink.

My problem is I want to tell them.

When I was little, I had no such desires.

The most difficult is to accept yourself.

I think we would live in a better world if we stopped trying to improve it.

I didn't expect to start answering questions from DB Advisors again.

Your limit is only your imagination

Keep pushing people to believe in themselves and their dreams!

Let time tell

Sometimes I’m called a South African though I am Kenyan.

Ideals change

Everyone should experience fear in their life.

Sensation of flight

I have no life experience, because I'm still very young.

We should only look forward

I love everything related to art.

Do not miss your happiness

I am a person of science. My profession speaks for itself.

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Borscht is mulled wine from vegetables.

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