Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik

Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik


Added 03.12.2018

I have to say, I have quite a lot of questions.

As I get older, I get an answer to some of them.

It seems that now I began to understand a little why there is no answer to most of them at all.

I can't tell the shades of pink.

My problem is I want to tell them.

When I was little, I had no such desires.

The most difficult is to accept yourself.

I think we would live in a better world if we stopped trying to improve it.

I didn't expect to start answering questions from DB Advisors again.

More than just a job

Only imagination and basic knowledge are not enough to write a quality article.

Stress is the biggest enemy

My biggest dream is to open a beauty salon.

Going with the flow

If you put all your heart in your work you will get more than what you wanted.

Hard work always brings success

There are plenty of examples where a man is good at different spheres.

New Week - New Opportunity

It is like a brain game, the more you practice, the more you benefit.

Being average is not that bad

...if there is just one key to success then it is the ability to understand people’s feelings and their state of mind.

It will work the second time!

Never give up. It's only going to be more interesting.

Commitment, responsibility and discipline

Each new tournament is an opportunity to try again.