Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik

Blitz-Interview with Slava Belik


Added 03.12.2018

I have to say, I have quite a lot of questions.

As I get older, I get an answer to some of them.

It seems that now I began to understand a little why there is no answer to most of them at all.

I can't tell the shades of pink.

My problem is I want to tell them.

When I was little, I had no such desires.

The most difficult is to accept yourself.

I think we would live in a better world if we stopped trying to improve it.

I didn't expect to start answering questions from DB Advisors again.

A Big Database. About DB Advisors

So in future I see a successful office with EI reporters all over the world.

Why are we humans?

I don't want to challenge the Nature's Beauty.

The Immortality of The Soul

I think money doesn't matter, happiness does.

I'm very happy the way I am

I simply can understand a person’s emotions without having them tell me.

Endless number of wishes

Enemy unlike a hater is someone that wishes for you to disappear.

Fly and be invisible

I had a chance to visit Rwanda once, and I enjoyed it very much.

Love rules the world? Absolutely!

Every living creature on this planet deserves to be loved and have a home!

A Lucky Touch. Filipa Brzohalski

I'm not perfect, but I am perfect for my loved one and he is for me.