Statistics for the weekend

Statistics for the weekend


Added 03.12.2018

The best investment in the gaming industry:

In this debate, men and women’s opinions divided and each of them chose their own champion. So men gave 293 (69,43 %) of votes for "Electronic Arts", and women gave 129 votes (30,57 %) for this option. There were more than twice as many of male votes. Women often chose "Nintendo" - 185 male (46.95 %) and 209 female votes (53.05%) were given for this option. The remaining options in total received 122 votes from men and 69 votes from women. Users over 50 often supported the "silver" winner - Nintendo received 52% of all their votes, and EA - 36% of votes. Users between the ages of 26 to 35 gave the same number of votes for "Bandai Namco" and "Valve" - the share of all their votes in both options was 8.63% of votes.


Terribly beautiful:

Actress Xan Angelovic took the last place because of the small support of women. Men gave 162 votes for this option (this is the second most popular option among them), and women gave only 76 votes. This allowed the rest of the options to bypass the zombies of "The Walking Dead". Delphine from the movie "Splice" received 167 male votes (26.84% of all their votes) and 130 female votes (30.87 %). Users over 50 gave 20% of their votes for Valak demon, zombie and Samara. The winning option, respectively, received from them 40% of the remaining votes.


The most effective structure of government:

The parliamentary republic received 251 male votes, that is 43.12% of the total of their votes, and 145 female votes – 36.89% of all their votes. "None of these options" is the only option that women chose more often than men. 95 female and 86 male votes were given for this option. The monarchy is more often supported by the younger generation-the share of users between the ages of 18 and 35 in this option is 71, 42 %, users over 36have a share of 28.58 %, respectively. Users between the ages of 26 and 35 gave 48.17% of all their votes for the winning option. At the same time, the "Presidential republic" received from them 29.19% of all their votes.


The most controversial family way of life:

The men decided the outcome of the debates. They gave the most votes for the "traditionalist family" – 169 votes. This option is less successful among women, they have it at the second place (93 votes). Women were more likely to choose "guest marriage" option–they gave 100 votes for this option against 111 men’s votes. It is interesting that users between the ages of 18 and 25 often chose the winning option, and older users preferred other options. Young people gave 61% of all their votes for two leading options, the remaining 39% votes were given for 3 "outsiders" options. Users between the ages of 36 and 50 did vice versa – they gave 37.96% of all their votes for the first two options, and the remaining three options received 62.04% of votes from them.


Adults live better …

In this debate, men and women gave almost the same number of votes for the winner - 200 male and 225 female votes. At the same time, it should be noted that women considered "with their parents" option less often than men. 164 male and 58 female votes were given for this option. The similar situation is with the remaining options-in total they managed to collect 188 male and 107 female votes. Users over 50 gave 76% of all their votes for "different apartments, but in the same city with parents". At the same time, they have never chosen "it does not matter" option. In turn, users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave 20,20 % of all their votes for this option, that is, they have this option at the second place ("together with parents" received from them 17, 17% of votes).


Statistics for December 3

Despite the fact that the number of women's votes was less, it did not prevent them to give more votes for "Cannes film festival" option than men did.

Statistics for November 29

Young people almost didn't vote for "alcoholism" option.

Statistics for November 28

In this debates, it is worth noting how women distributed their votes among the options.

Statistics for November 27

In this debates it is worth paying particular attention to women's answers. Men gave the majority of the votes for "all options".

Statistics for November 26

Users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave the same number of votes for the leaders options-their share in both of these options is 27.94%.

Statistics for November 23-25

Men have the majority of votes in 4 out of 5 options in this unusual question.

Statistics for November 22

Men believe that children should know the truth about Santa Claus, while women prefer to tell them this fairy tale.

Statistics for November 21

All users except those over 50 gave most of the votes for the winning option.