Germany. Restraint and accuracy

Germany. Restraint and accuracy


Added 01.12.2018

Germany is a complex of progressive traditions, breathtaking and fascinating landscapes, futuristic megacities, serene villages and enchanting palaces. It is here to charm, enlighten and surprise you.

If you want to be in trend and keep up to date with Germany, we advise you to dive into the world of interesting and curious facts about the country with high EI.

Fact 1. The country is rich in museums. And take my word, there are more of them than rainy days.

Berlin is certainly home to museums. It "raised" 180 museums. So, you will have a place to escape from the cloudy weather and rain.

Fact 2. The streets of Germany are far from ideal. Cigarette butts are to blame.

1848 year has long remained in the past and took away the smoking ban. Today, despite the struggle with cigarettes, smoking is allowed even in bars.

Fact 3. Germany is a temple for dogs. They got this love for dogs from Royal families.

There are more than a thousand dogs, or even more on the streets of Berlin. Here, people get pleasure from walking with their beloved pets. Undoubtedly, the love for dogs is a credit to the kings.

Fact 4. Loneliness is for the strong. This phrase means that there are many lonely hearts in the capital.

According to statistics, held in 2017, every second German is single or does not have a family.

Apparently, they are comfortable to live alone, and they put their career above family.

Fact 5. Berlin is definitely a city of millionaires.

Despite the poor areas of East Berlin, life is bustling with big money. The most expensive apartment was sold for 5.8 million euros. And according to statistics, more than 580 millionaires live in the city.

If you are crazy, restless, energetic and love adventures, without leaving the city, then you have to go to Berlin! Remember that Berlin is the European Chicago. (Mark Twain)

The traditional dish of the city on the Neva river

The fish is so famous that even on the Neva they celebrate the annual Holiday of Smelt.

The Country of Stereotypes

These assumptions are conjectures that have little in common with reality.

Switzerland of South America

Carnival is a lush, colorful procession.

The Magic of Architecture

The whole world admires Czech architecture.

Between Europe and Asia

Since ancient times, Georgians believe that guests are a gift from heaven.

The most ancient civilization

The most European Latin America

Due to the great influence of different countries, Argentina has received a very diverse culture.

Belarus is more literary than literature

Belarus is in no hurry to destroy the influence of previous eras, replacing everything with new and modern.