Statistics for November 28

Statistics for November 28


Added 29.11.2018

Digital marketing: SEO or App Store?

In this debate, it is worth noting how women distributed their votes among the options. "App Store" received 114 votes from them (45.42%), and 137 votes were given by men (54.58%) – in this option the number of votes is approximately comparable, but it is quite different in other options. "Both options" received 85 female (39.35%) and 131 male votes (60.65%), the difference is more than 20%. Women voted for SEO 67 times (31.16%), and men voted 148 (68.84%) times. The difference is slightly more than 37%. Users over 50 do not lag behind the trends and often choose "App Store" – they gave 42.85% of all their votes for this option. It is worth noting that users between the ages of 18 and 25, unlike other age groups, often voted for SEO - this option received 36.58% of all their votes from them.


Which one is better:

Men gave 233 votes (54.06% of all their votes) for "performance" option, while women, in turn, gave 146 votes (54.27% of all their votes) to the winning option. Interestingly, men almost did not support the ballet, giving this option only 39 votes. This is the only option in which women have more votes – 50. It is worth noting that men voted for "none of these options " much more often – 27 male and 8 female votes were given for this option. Among the older generation there is nobody who chose "none of these options", but there were such users among young people – 81% of all votes for this option was given by users between the ages of 18 and 25. Users between the ages of 26 and 35 gave 56.25% of all their votes for "performance" option.


Best trading brand for investment:

The undisputed leader of this debate – "Ferrari" brand received more votes than other four options combined. In total, 328 votes were given for them, which is 26 less than for Ferrari. Interestingly, women rarely voted for branded clothing from Louis Vuitton. A total of 53 male and 49 female votes were given for this option. At the same time, the winning option received 211 votes from men and 143 from women. 51.42% is the total share of users between the ages of 18 and 25 in "Newell Brands" and "Glencore PLC" options. But users over 50 do not consider "Newell Brands", "Glencore PLC" and "Mondelez International" brands interesting and therefore did not give a single vote for these options.


Top cryptocurrency of 2018:

In this debate, women distributed their votes more evenly. 54 votes were given for "Zcash for (ZEC)" (20,61% of their votes), 109 (41,60%) for "ETH (Ethereum)", 44 (16.79%) for "Protocol Ripple (XRP)", and 55 (20,99%) for "Lumen/Stellar (XLM)". Men gave for "Ethereum" more votes than for all other options combined – 211 for the winner option and 188 for all other options. Users between the ages of 36 and 50 voted much more often for "Ethereum" - 61,76% of all votes were given for this option. Users over 50 voted the winner option less often according to a percentage of the total number of votes - they gave this option 47.61% of all their votes.


Every second 1% of the population:

Men believe that 1% of the population smokes every second most often - they gave 129 votes for this option, and women gave 73 votes. Women voted for "is drunk" option least of all - 54 men and 26 women voted for it. The only option that women chose more often than men is "sleeps" option. 99 women and 96 men consider that this option as the most correct. It is very interesting that users over 50 gave only 4.76% of all their votes for the winning option! But its closest competitor received from them 52.38% of the votes. Even "is drunk" option was chosen by them more often – in 14.28% of cases.


Statistics for December 3

Despite the fact that the number of women's votes was less, it did not prevent them to give more votes for "Cannes film festival" option than men did.

Statistics for the weekend

The men decided the outcome of the debates. They gave the most votes for the "traditionalist family".

Statistics for November 29

Young people almost didn't vote for "alcoholism" option.

Statistics for November 27

In this debates it is worth paying particular attention to women's answers. Men gave the majority of the votes for "all options".

Statistics for November 26

Users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave the same number of votes for the leaders options-their share in both of these options is 27.94%.

Statistics for November 23-25

Men have the majority of votes in 4 out of 5 options in this unusual question.

Statistics for November 22

Men believe that children should know the truth about Santa Claus, while women prefer to tell them this fairy tale.

Statistics for November 21

All users except those over 50 gave most of the votes for the winning option.