There is nothing better than discovering a completely new world, the culture of the country, which had been existing since ancient times between the two worlds, East and West, opening the world to the travelers of the Silk Road, a country that has absorbed the cultures of different parts of the world. If you delve into the literature, painting, music of the people, you can be sure that a certain part of the readers will just yawn and will not even reach the end of the article, but in the case of Azerbaijan everything is quite different.

We can talk about the fine arts of Azerbaijan for months, listing the names of the great artists who left their mark on the history of the whole nation, which will be proud it for centuries. Modern artists try to keep up with the classics generation, representing the honor of the country at various international festivals. If we consider the architecture, it is worth visiting such sights as the Palace of Shirvanshahs in Baku and the Palace of Sheki Khans in Sheki, which are tasty morsel for any tourist.



Satire, irony, scenes of wars, funerals, weddings, holidays and spiritual ceremonies – so many things were depicted on the paintings of Azerbaijani artists. Modern artists have decided to make their own contribution to the world of art. If people all over the world can draw with paint, sand, shadows, etc., this is the only country where you can find thousands of drawings painted with oil!

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One of the integral parts of culture, something you cannot imagine the identity of the people without, is the folk music of Azerbaijan, which is a bitter cry and unhesitant laughter. We can talk about the classics of Azerbaijan for hours, but you will get interested in another fact: "Golden disc "Voyager" compiled by order of NASA was first released on February 23, 1977. The disc was called "Sounds of the Earth" and was sent into space on board of the spacecraft "Voyager" to explore the inhabitants of the Universe with the sounds of our planet. What’s interesting, mugham, as one of the main genres of Azerbaijani traditional music, which in 2008 was declared by UNESCO as one of the masterpieces of oral and intangible cultural heritage of mankind, was also recorded on this "Golden disc" and became the heritage of future generations of Azerbaijanis.


The sphere of Azerbaijani cinema does not lag behind other spheres of art. In 1898, during a fire at the Bibi-Eibat oil field, a suburb of Baku, Alexander Mishon made a 30-second silent film, which was the impetus for future achievements in the world of cinema. After a long time, Azerbaijani film experts Kazimzade and Ayaz Salayev discovered the film "Fire at an Oil Fountain in Bibiheybat" in the French archives and identified the date of its creation. The tapes were brought from the Paris film archive to Baku and are currently stored in the Azerbaijan State Film Foundation.

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Speaking of this country, we cannot leave aside the architecture. You are in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, a city full of contrasts, where, freezing in place, you can observe the combination of buildings of the XVII century on the background of "Flame Towers", the modern symbol of "Land of Lights". What can the capital surprise you with? Listen: in 2014, Heydar Aliyev Center was recognized as the best building in the world — Designs of the Year 2014 award. Surprised? Just look and you’ll understand that the proverb "It is better to see once than to hear one hundred times" is quite appropriate for this case.

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Thinking about the culture of the country, many of you will note the fact of the influence of Islam on the culture of the region. And they will be right, because after the Arab invasion there was Islamization of the whole country, which could not but affect the culture and mentality of the people. But the fact is that until the VII century Azerbaijan was a "fireplace", a haven of different religions, from ancient beliefs to Zoroastrianism. And after the Second World war, Polish, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians and many other nations moved to Azerbaijan, which made the country international.

It will not be so easy to understand the entire essence, the whole "Thing", to feel the energy and atmosphere of this country. So, get the tickets!

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