Moving to the II stage…

Moving to the II stage…


Added 28.11.2018

Dear users of DB Advisors!

SEC (School of emotional competence)

starting from December 2018

is moving to the II stage

This stage of training is called

«Think in a new way».

You will meet with many

interesting and unexpected moments,

including answers to questions:

  • How emotions affect our lives
  • How to use emotions
  • How to control emotions to improve your life

We offer you:

Programs, opportunities, relevant emotions.

We all want to be effective, to have more time and to achieve more.

We try to do as much as possible, but…

We are tired of current tasks and long to-do lists.

We are prevented by emotional and physical burnout.

We suffer from reduced efficiency.

We sometimes even face the threat of

losing the meaning of activity and life.

Probably, it's time to learn to think in a new way!

What does it mean to think in a new way?

Think to get the maximum result

with the least waste of resources.

And now ask yourself the question:

  • In which emotions you are usually most effective:

Joy? Sadness / sorrow? Anxious, angry? Acceptance, trust?

  • What emotions help to achieve the best results?

If 27 emotions by C. Izard, recognized by the world community of psychologists, are not enough for you, refer to the "Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows"

Enrich your "emotional" vocabulary with neologisms of John Koenig!

We feel, but not always can name what we feel…

And John Koenig identified what we feel!

Learning to understand yourself, to show emotions,

to talk about your emotions and achieve practical goals,

you will reach a high degree of emotional competence.

Let your brain make a choice:

to have or not to have -

learn to think in a new way or

continue to live not in a very comfortable way?

If you don’t choose SEC today - we will not get upset!

You can "enter" the II stage at any time convenient for you

(every two weeks from the first day of the program launch.)

We are sure, you will make the best choice for yourself!

With love and trust,

EIRC (emotional intelligence research center) on DB Advisors.

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