Statistics for November 26

Statistics for November 26

Steer food for $1:

Men gave 166 votes (54.96% all their votes) and women gave 121 votes (47.45% all their votes) for the winning option tacos. Men significantly often chose Vietnamese Goi Cuon - 38 male votes (69.09%) against 17 female votes (30.91%). The only option in which women have a majority is Georgian khachapuri (62 female and 37 male votes). The older generation does not want to experiment with Vietnamese food – they did not give a single vote for Goi Cuon. But khachapuri is in their favor-54.16% of all their votes were given for this street food. Users between the ages of 26 and 35 gave 56.59% of all their votes for tacos, while their share in this question is 43.11%.



The two leading options "survivor" and "reaching" received 368 votes in total (68.78% of all votes). At the same time, the decisive role in the victory of the "survivor" option was played by men – they gave 110 votes for this option, while "reaching" received 86 votes from them (women gave 89 votes for the first option and 83 for the second one). Users between the ages of 26 and 35 gave the same number of votes for both leading options, the share of their votes in both of these options is 37.39%. It is worth noting that users over 50 gave only 26.08% of all their votes for "survivor" option. "Reaching" received 60.86% of all their votes from them.


Best technology company for investment:

In this survey, it is worth noting that "Intel" received significant support from men. 84 male (67.2 per cent) and 41 female votes (32.8 per cent) were given for this option. But women more often chose the bronze prize-winner "Toyota" - 40 female and 36 male votes. It is worth noting that only 1 woman voted for "Baidu". But 19 female votes (against 11 male) were given for "Hewlett-Packard". Users over 36 did not give a single vote for "Siemens". At the same time, their total share in the "Toyota" option is 59.18%. Users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave a total of 15.49% of all their votes for "Toyota", "Siemens", "Hewlett-Packard" and "Baidu".


Amazing fact about a man:

In this question, men have the majority in "Male brain ages faster than female brain" (135 male voices and 95 female) and "Pills color has a great importance for people" options (37 male and 21 female votes). In turn, women voted more often than men for "The number of teeth has a direct connection with memory" (73 female and 69 male votes) and "Women are more likely than men to experience insomnia" (71 female and 66 male votes). Users over 50 gave 54.16% of their votes for "teeth". The share of users between the ages of 36 and 50 for "pills" option is 53.33%.


Association with photo:

In this question, there was a record spread of male and female votes. "All is one" option received 31 men (81, a 58%) and 7 female votes (18,42%). At the same time, "The way to the top gets narrower the higher you climb" option received the same number of votes – 68 each. Options that took the last three places have a total of 1 vote less than "silver" winner – 135 votes in total for outsiders and 136 for the second place. Users between the ages of 18 and 25 gave the same number of votes for the leading options-their share in both of these options is 27.94%. Users between the ages of 26 and 50 gave a total of 40,17% of all their votes for "Stairway to Heaven".


Statistics for December 3

Despite the fact that the number of women's votes was less, it did not prevent them to give more votes for "Cannes film festival" option than men did.

Statistics for the weekend

The men decided the outcome of the debates. They gave the most votes for the "traditionalist family".

Statistics for November 29

Young people almost didn't vote for "alcoholism" option.

Statistics for November 28

In this debates, it is worth noting how women distributed their votes among the options.

Statistics for November 27

In this debates it is worth paying particular attention to women's answers. Men gave the majority of the votes for "all options".

Statistics for November 23-25

Men have the majority of votes in 4 out of 5 options in this unusual question.

Statistics for November 22

Men believe that children should know the truth about Santa Claus, while women prefer to tell them this fairy tale.

Statistics for November 21

All users except those over 50 gave most of the votes for the winning option.