What is the primary human need?

What is the primary human need?


Artificial intelligence has already been created, but the human brain remains a mystery to this very day.

- What is the primary human need, sometimes no less important than food and water?

- Social networks.

We get to know each other through direct contact, feeling the state of another person. Safe communication with others is vital to health and healthy collaboration. The man quickly classifies other people into friends and enemies by default; if there are no certain positive signs, any stranger turns into the enemy.

In order to achieve successful cooperation, it is necessary to work on the creation of positive relations. You can try it yourself.

Whenever you meet someone, try to quickly know together on a personal level to reduce the response of your own brain to the threat.

To make friends with colleagues, share personal experiences with them.

In order to achieve effective cooperation, actively encourage others to establish personal relationships with each other.

Source: «Your Brain at Work». David Rock.

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