Getting rid of prejudice
To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.
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 We all have prejudice that we often associate with discrimination or bias.

It turned out that each of us has certain prejudices simply because,

our brain is constantly striving for effective work.

So not all the prejudices make us hostile people,

The most important is how we control them.

Biases can influence any decisions of the organization regarding staff. To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.

On rationality prejudice:

if the answer is the most obvious, then it is correct.

This bias pushes us to the answers that seem obvious, often at the expense of more appropriate or useful options.

This prejudice can take many forms.

How to deal with this?

To avoid rationality prejudice, go beyond the data that are easy to obtain and prioritize less obvious success or failure factors.

For example, such a factor may be

a person's ability to motivate

other team members to achieve goals.

Why don't managers talk to colleagues from other departments?

To get a more complete picture of what role a particular employee plays in the organization.

Of course, to make managers’ assessments fair,

they need to make sure there is no sympathy

to the employee and the feeling of similarity with him.

Do you want to know how to get rid of prejudices?

Beth Jones and David Rock will help you in that.



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