It was the first time when I visited Ukraine 2 years ago. I was sent to Kiev as a volunteer. I spent there 6 summer weeks and during this time I managed to get acquainted with two wonderful cities, Kiev and Lviv. These cities have definitely won my heart for many reasons, however today I would like to share with you one thing – music.

Residents of Kiev and Lviv and, and I think, of the whole Ukraine are imbued with a musical spirit. Young people mostly choose this sphere of activity as a hobby or additional income. And it gradually develops into a professional interest that can be seen in the eyes of musicians and in the responsibility with which they approach this activity. Musical performances are arranged at every step starting from the evening until the morning closer to the Central part of Kiev, and people passing certainly stop to listen, to recharge and go back to their business. Even my new friends, native citizens of Kiev, had a musical talent: someone played the piano, someone played the violin, and someone was gifted with an incredible voice.

The city of Lviv can be called one big party. Here the people passing by not just stop to listen to the music, they also get involved in the performances, starting dancing, singing, inviting more people. For the first time here I saw how young guys played very unusual musical instruments. And this spectacle and the sounds made by these instruments, impressed me to the bottom of my heart.

Ukrainian music is famous not only within the country. Many musicians have achieved recognition abroad. And there are quite a few groups that sing in Ukrainian and use ethnic motives. Maybe this is the highlight that attracts foreigners?

Here are groups that have gained popularity abroad due to hard work and love for their craft:

  1. Zapaska (ethno-electronic music and indie pop)

The British Review Overblown named Zapaska's latest album, "Pomalu", "the best release of 2016" within the post-Soviet space.

  1. DakhaBrakha (created their own "ethno-chaos" style)

They have toured almost all over the world and performed at the most famous festivals in the world. Among them are: Glastonbury, Mundial, Dublin World Music Festival, Fusion, GlobalFEST, etc.

  1. Sinoptik (alternative rock and indie rock)

In May 2016, Sinoptik presented Ukraine in the final of the international competition The Global Battle of the Band in Berlin and became the first Ukrainian group to receive the title of the Best new rock band in the world.

Reading about young people succeed, I want to pick up the sticks and drum on pots and plates. There is one way between such an inspiration and creating masterpieces. Why not? After all, desire is the starting point of all achievements.

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