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The largest online provider of medical services in China Ping An Healthcare and Technology plans to install hundreds of thousands of mini-clinics with support of artificial intelligence (AI) in the country within the framework of the "Good doctor" program.

This was stated by Wang Tao, the founder, Chairman and CEO.

The first such health-care facilities, the size of a telephone booth, are already operating.

They offer users advice from a virtual doctor who collects health-related data through text and voice interactions. Information collected by a computer trained on 300 thousand medical records is checked by a human doctor who diagnosis patients and, if necessary, writes an online prescription for medicines that can be purchased immediately in the vending machine.

The diagnosis is made in a few minutes or a maximum in an hour, depending on the complexity of the disease and the details of the story about the problem.

The price of each AI clinic is estimated at 5 thousand dollars.

The price of virtual diagnosis for the patient is not reported.

"Good doctor" program was launched against the background of the "Healthy China" strategy announced by the Chinese authorities.

In April 2018, the state Council of China issued a statement on accelerating the development of the online market of medical care in the country by creating appropriate service systems, support networks and regulatory framework.

It is expected that by 2025 the market size of digital healthcare in the country will reach 100 billion yuan (14.4 billion USD), compared to 15 billion yuan last year, according to Frost & Sullivan estimates.



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