Costa Rica

Costa Rica


What do You know about a country like Costa Rica? If it wasn't for football, we might not even have heard anything about it, not to mention to show it on the map. You can only imagine that the whole country is filled with forests, reserves, beaches, caves... More than a quarter of the country is a national park! You can write a lot of interesting facts about any country in the world, telling about the features of each, but we will highlight the most interesting 10 points to get acquainted with Costa Rica:

  1. Every traveler could assure you that this is a country of butterflies. Tons of butterflies... Seriously, Costa Rica has a lot of them. The country has about 90% of butterfly species throughout Central America and about 18% of all species in general!
  1. "Hakuna Matata" (translated from Swahili "carefree life") – the motto for life for many people, but the Costa Ricans have their motto – "pura vida". They say it when greeting and saying goodbye. The expression itself is translated as "clean life", and according to tourists and locals, it is more a state of mind, even the philosophy of the whole country.
  1. Many of us are used to such showing the way like "on the right of the subway" or "near the Church, a brick building with light bars". And also, something like "behind the former Austrian Embassy". In Costa Rica, this has long been the way of navigation, although recently the government has launched a program for naming streets, but local people still cannot get used to this formality.
  1. The next point is devoted to the representatives of stronger gender. There are about 22 countries without a permanent army, mostly small states, and most interestingly - Costa Rica with a population of 4.5 million is also included in this number. And many people wonder: "Why do the countries of Central and Latin America keep a permanent army?" The fact is that the country may have an active army, but serving in the army in many countries is not an obligation.
  1. "Poor country – rich name", that's what I would call a book about Costa Rica, if I decided to write it. In 1502 Columbus landed on an unknown shore and drew attention to the local Indians with gold ornaments. Naturally, the whole expedition thought that there are the richest deposits, so the Spanish called their discovery Costa Rica, which means "rich coast". As it turned out, there was nothing to speak of.
  1. Imagine that in this country there is no such thing as "alcohol and cigarette smoke", people earn a total of $250 per month, maybe it's not so much, but that is enough to live. What to do with your leisure time? That’s right, yoga. Therefore, this place is a Paradise for yoga lovers. Of all the above, it is quite logical that for many years Costa Rica has not conceded a leading position in the list of the happiest countries in the world.
  1. An important note for anyone who would wish to fly to Costa Rica. If you walk and get caught in the rainstorm, do not rush to call home and say goodbye to your loved ones. Rainstorms in the country are usually typically tropical, very powerful and instantly incoming. So it's not the end of the world yet, just wait for a certain time in the shelter; no matter how powerful the rains are, they are very fleeting.
  1. Drinking water here is more expensive...than Coca-Cola! Maybe that's why in 2006 the authorities of the country banned TV ad of this drink?
  1. Who didn’t want to find treasures, reading adventure literature of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson in his childhood? But in the Pacific Ocean there is Coconut island, the largest uninhabited island in the world, and this is where captain Flint of the "Treasure Island" by R. L. Stevenson hid his treasures. I am sure that out of 2.5 million tourists, who visit the country every year, there are some who wouldn’t mind taking up metal detectors and scuba gear.
  1. And finally, the sweetest story that happened in this country. In 1991, Costa Rican Gilberto Shedden found a dying crocodile on the bank of the river shot in the left eye. He could not leave the crocodile without help, took him home and nursed for six months, surrounding the reptile with real maternal care. When the crocodile recovered, Gilberto took him to the river, but he returned to the house and began to live in a pond nearby. Is it necessary to say that, they've been inseparable ever since? Later, he even began to make a big show for the tourists playing and swimming in a pond with a crocodile, which the Costa Rican called Pocho. In 2011, Pocho died of old age.


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