Distracted by working or vice versa?
Chris Bailey will help us find a hint.
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One fact concerning personal productivity is of particular concern.

We get distracted by working at the computer every 40 seconds on average.

The researchers say: if attention has dissipated, you can recover more than 20 minutes.

It is impossible not to get distracted: we are attracted to the unknown.

Interest provokes the release of dopamine, responsible for pleasure. It's logical. But if we are talking about evolution: ancient people were distracted (switched) to threats.

We have other distractions. They have lost their survival function.

It is necessary to return control of the attention! How to do that?

There are many ways.

Chris Bailey will help us find a hint:

Create a distraction-free ritual. 

Set three daily intentions. 

Work on hard stuff, and do more of it.

Set an artificial project deadline.

Source: https://hbr.org/2018/08/4-strategies-for-overcoming-distraction

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