Logics, that’s it?
Our mind is not so sharp-sighted without feelings.
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Many of you dream of own business, or just about to open it, or already own their business for several years. Curiously: do you still consider emotions total “pests”, trying to get rid of them? Logics, that’s it? Yeah, but you can find one in your emotions.

What to do? Create your own balance. Yes, it is difficult, but it is necessary. And it is difficult as if we are learning to find balance, going on a rope over a cliff. Remind you: useful things are rarely given just like that. There are people, of course, who have an innate emotional intelligence, but they are not the majority, we have already written about it.

So, everyone has their own cliff and their own rope. Not to mention the body-the main tool. Many businessmen get back to them, “turning of” their emotions. Since their “suppression” is at times worse. Not only for solving problems, but also for health.

The so-called “emotional logic” first resides in the emotional niche, that is, in the limbic (emotional) brain, and only then follows in the neocortex (rational brain)

It depends on us whether we allow “rampant” emotions with potential harm or “rationalize” them! Let's learn?

We are human beings, and this is inherent in us by nature: we must feel!

After all, at first glance, this is the right decision, in fact, it is not so true, if it our emotions and feelings are not embedded in it.

Our mind is not so sharp-sighted without feelings.

What do you feel?

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