Results of the competition (Updated)

Results of the competition (Updated)


Dear friends!

3-day battle came to an end. Let's sum up the results of the competition. Participant from Cyprus scored 19.73 coefficient, and the coefficient of his rival from Tunisia is 17.77. Thus, the winner of the 3-day battle is Kyriakos Savva, and he gets on his balance the sum of the coefficients scored by both participants of the competition. Congratulations!




Dear friends!

Our system has selected participants for 3-day battle. They are:

from Cyprus and from Tunisia.


The participant who scores the highest total coefficient for 3 days will receive to his balance the sum of the coefficients scored by both users. Good luck to the participants of 3-day battle! Follow our updates!

Results of the 4th stage and the beginning of 1/8 finals

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